Ladies, could this be the ulti

Ladies, could this be the ultimate solution to using public toilets?

The best invention yet? If you’re a woman who doesn’t like to use public toilets, you should read this:

Ladies, could this be the ulti

You’ve probably seen this thingamajig somewhere while surfing the internet, but little did you know this is actually an invention that could be the ultimate solution to women’s toilet problems.

With ‘toilet problems’ I mean actually having to sit and pee in a public bathroom. While some are clean, others… are definitely not.

A French woman designed the “pisse-debout” which is specially designed for woman who would rather pee while standing up.

A similar idea has been around for 35-40 years according to The Connexion, but Magali Chailloleau is busy marketing her own design as well as a variety of different models.

The device can be used without undressing and without having to squat down on a unhygienic toilet. You just have to loosen your pants a little bit.

She said: “When the loos are dirty, or there’s a long queue, or there aren’t any loos at all, the pisse-debout is your friend.”

Luckily for South African women a similar device is available locally. Called The Shewee, believed to be “the world’s most trusted female urination device“.

The Original Shewee

The device has become quite popular in the outdoor market along with the portable toilet, also made by Shewee, called Peebol.

The Peebol is a portable toilet and folds flat in a pocket or purse. Very convenient, don’t you think?

Peebol Absorbent Pouch

These products are available online. So…would you consider buying one and testing it out at your next camping trip?