Enactus World Cup

Fanelesibonge Ndlovu was part of the 2019 Enactus World Cup team for South Africa.
Image: Enactus South Africa

Student set to impress as guest speaker at international leadership event

KwaZulu-Natal student Fanelesibonge Ndlovu’s dream comes true this week with a speech at the Enactus World Cup.

Enactus World Cup

Fanelesibonge Ndlovu was part of the 2019 Enactus World Cup team for South Africa.
Image: Enactus South Africa

Durban University of Technology (DUT) analytical chemistry student Fanelesibonge Ndlovu is ready to inspire at this year’s Enactus World Cup.

Ndlovu, from rural KwaNoshungu, in northern KwaZulu-Natal, will share a platform with international speakers on Wednesday 9 September.

He has long dreamt of being an author and inspirational speaker – and his childhood dreams is set to come true this week.

Enactus World Cup 2020

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that works with leaders in business and higher education. Its goal is to prepare students to make a difference through skills development in communities.

The Enactus World Cup 2020 was initially set to take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. However, due to the global pandemic it will now be held virtually from 8 to 11 September.

Ndlovu will give his online talk at 14:40 CAT on Wednesday.

Fanelesibonge Ndlovu Enactus World Cup
Shawn Mealy, left, and Fanelesibonge Ndlovu at the 2019 Enactus World Cup. Image: Ntobeko Thiba

His session includes fellow speakers, such as LinkedIn senior customer success manager Shawn Mealy and One Young World Ambassador Jennifer Pfister.

Their session will cover the power of LinkedIn and how to use this social media platform to build your brand or attract recruiters.

Ndlovu’s speech will cover how LinkedIn video can elevate a brand and bring in more engagement.

Ndlovu’s humble beginnings

Ndlovu understands growing up in a disadvantaged community where young people’s dreams are easily shattered. These challenges have been the driving motivation behind striving to help others.

Now his mission is to help other youngsters dream bigger dreams and to inspire them to pursue these. And he does this through school tours in townships and rural areas.

“I want to be a motivation for all young people who come from rural areas and difficult backgrounds,” Ndlovu said.

“I am told that more than 60 000 people from more than 37 countries will be watching this livestream, which makes my dreams come true.”

Enactus South Africa

Ndlovu attended the Enactus World Cup 2019 in San Jose, California, as a part of the South African team.

He described this chance to compete against Enactus teams from around the world as an amazing opportunity. Plus, he also spent his birthday in Hollywood.

Fanelesibonge Ndlovu
Fanelesibonge Ndlovu. Image: Nhlakanipho Sabelo Nxumalo

“Last year I got to learn from business leaders and executives of top brands,” he said.

“The conference brought a sense of selflessness as you think more about the community and the impact you can make.”

Ndlovu the author

In 2018, Ndlovu released his first book, God Lacks Nothing. Why Do You Lack? In this motivational book, he talks about Bible principles that can help people succeed in life.

He hopes his book will inspire readers to become what God meant them to be. In addition, to remind them that God wants them to succeed no matter where they come from. The book is for sale online at Amazon.