TV girl playing

This little girl decided to play on top of a TV. Images via Facebook: @Sonia Revival Wesi

‘Kids will be the death of us’: Little girl plays on top of 75-inch TV [watch]

South Africans have all agreed that the school’s need to open ASAP after a little one was caught playing on top of a flat-screen TV!

TV girl playing

This little girl decided to play on top of a TV. Images via Facebook: @Sonia Revival Wesi

It’s the festive season and children across South Africa are spending the holidays at home. While the first few days surrounded by family is always bliss, as more time passes, little ones find themselves getting up to all sorts of mischief. In a video that has been shared online, one little girl decided to pull down a 75-inch flat-screen TV so she could play on top of it.

Needless to say, there were some serious repercussions for her actions.

SA has shared hilarious reactions to child playing on a big screen TV

The school holidays are fun and games until a bundle of joy decides to get creative with things they shouldn’t be touching during playtime. One mommy has learned this lesson after she caught her daughter sitting on top of their 75-inch flat-screen TV.

In a clip that was shared on Facebook by Sonia Revival Wesi, the little one is caught red-handed sitting on top of the expensive appliance. She appeared to be enjoying it so much that she even has a few toys with her.

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Her happiness didn’t last for long though because mommy – who was armed with an umbrella – quickly ran forward to teach her a lesson.

“Oh my goodness though,” the clip was captioned.

Mzansians react

Anthony Molosi said:

“That kid is old enough to see that what they are doing is not right.”

Keboh Motjhibameleh-Qc said:

“I got annoyed by just looking at that kid sitting on the plasma screen. ????. They think we just pluck those things from trees?”

Mpho Nare said:

“How did she get the TV on the floor?? She probably dragged it from the stand to the floor???????????????? that plasma got broken before she sat on it……..depressing I tell you????????‍♂️”

Some people did not however agree with the woman hitting the child and also shared their thoughts.

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