genius count

This little one is a genius. Image via Instagram: @educatingizzy

This two-year-old maths genius can count in multiple languages [watch]

A two-year-old genius has left social media users in awe. The little one can count in English, Spanish, French, Twi, and Japanese!

genius count

This little one is a genius. Image via Instagram: @educatingizzy

Adorable little Isaiah Gyamfi is only two years and eight months old and has already left South African social media users marvelled over how intelligent he is. The little one not only counts multiple languages but also solves mathematical equations with ease.

Little genius wows locals

Isaiah Gyamfi has made his parents very proud at a very young age. The little one who has shown remarkable intelligence can already read, write and count in five languages – English, Spanish, French, Twi, and Japanese.

He also enjoys doing maths calculations while many children his age are only beginning to speak and pronounce words more accurately. After discovering that they had a very gifted young boy, his parents quickly made the decision to start an Instagram page for little Izzy.

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In various clips, he reads, writes, and does some maths much to the amazement of Instagram users who cannot believe how smart he is.

“Isaiah would spend all day pointing them out, and by the time he was ten months, he could identify numbers up to 50. When he was two years four months old, he started counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s and 100s all by himself,” reads the caption of a clip that shows Isaiah at only eight months old and already excited about numbers.

Another caption reads:

“PROUD! He learns incredibly fast. This happened just under an hour of listening to an online tutor. Our trip to Ghana is due!”

Here’s what Instagramers have to say:

niles_world5 said:

“How amazing!”

brexton.kelly said:

“So impressive!”

mrfdevenish said:

“If we ever get invaded by aliens… I am requesting for you and your son to be by my side!”

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