Kids swearing

TikTok mom says she allows her kids to swear. Image via iStock

‘Potty mouth’: TikTok mom says her kids swear and she allows it [watch]

A mom on TikTok has revealed that her kids swear and parents who stop kids from doing this are ‘sheltering them from the real world’.

Kids swearing

TikTok mom says she allows her kids to swear. Image via iStock

A mom in Wisconsin, USA, has gone viral after she revealed in a vide that she allows her kids to use foul language. The TikTok video shows Jax Anderson demonstrating what she calls an “unhelpful parenting approach” when her daughter uttered a swear word.

She then went on to explain her method…

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According to Jax, who is a parenting coach, her children are allowed to swear but only when she is home alone with them.

After demonstrating how scolding children whenever they say swear words can frustrate they, she showed parents what she calls a “helpful parenting method’ to deal with the matter. The mom, instead of shouting at her kid, thanked her for remembering to swear only when they were home.

 “I don’t want to stop swearing, we have rules that our daughter can swear when we’re home alone.”

– Jax said.

Describing herself as a “potty mouth”, the mom said she believes that prohibiting swearing makes the issue worse.

“She gets to graze in the pasture but we have a nice fence around it in which she needs to stay,” she explained.

In addition to the ” home alone” rule. Jax said that her daughter does not use swear words to disrespect people or to call people names.

Watch Jax Anderson’s video below:

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that is awesome parenting. Keep it in a controlled environment.


I will never use swear words or allow my kids to use swear words.


The rule in our house is that you can use them but not to hurt people’s feelings. So especially no insults or name calling.

@Linna Monroe:

I wish I could do that with my kids it works for my daughter and the oldest but the middle child just cusses unnecessary all the time and it got

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