mom paint, porsche

This 2-year-old is very proud of her artwork. Image: Asiawire.

OMG! Will you let your two-year-old paint your car?

A Chinese mother has parents spitting fire after she allowed her two-year-old to paint the family’s Porsche. Would you allow it?

mom paint, porsche

This 2-year-old is very proud of her artwork. Image: Asiawire.

OMG! The mom of a two-year-old recently came under fire after allowing her daughter to paint her white Porsche.

The central China mother started an online debate after posting a video of her daughter’s art.

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Comments are flying all over the internet after Ms Mao, a Chinese mom, posted a video of her 2-year-old daughter painting the family’s Porsche.

Local media Wuhan, Hubei Province in China, reports ‘she wanted to let her child express herself creatively by letting her put paint on their family’s luxury car’, as per News24.

In the video, the little girl, complete with a vest to protect her clothing from the paint, can be seen stamping colourful patterns and fruit on the Porsche before roping in her mother’s help to paint some animals.

mom, paints, Porsche, daughter
The little girl in action. Image: Asiawire.

According to Ms Mao, the little girl, who really likes to draw, wanted to make ‘a more interesting painting’. She grabbed the washable paint before heading to the car park to let her daughter paint away on her white Porsche.

In a part of the video, the mom jumps in and joins the fun.

mom, painting, Porsche
Mom joins in on the fun. Image: Asiawire.

To finish her artwork, the little girl dips her fingers in some paint and makes handprints on the car doors.

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After the video was shared on TikTik, comments came flying in. Many questioned whether the little girl would know not to draw or paint on other people’s cars.

Ms Mao said that she told her daughter not to draw on cars unless given permission from adults, News24 reports.

Mao explained that her daughter had been taught positively about this aspect, and said that although the Porsche may be valuable to adults, it is just a normal car for a two-year-old, the report continues.

Mao and her daughter cleaned the car later.

Would YOU allow your child to paint on your car with washable paint?