Banish cabin fever with these

Photo: Pexel

Banish cabin fever with these ideas to keep the kids happy at home

Needing ideas for how to keep the little ones busy and entertained during lockdown? Here are a few ways you can create fun at home.

Banish cabin fever with these

Photo: Pexel

There’s no denying we all better get comfortable at home as we’re most certainly going to be spending a lot more of our time here in the next few weeks.

Looking at the positives, there’s plenty of scope for us all to act like big kids and rediscover the pleasure in little things. For those with children at home and away from school, revel in playing with them and master the art of fun.

If you’re stressing about homebound days, take a moment to consider the winter alternative and perhaps even challenge yourself to find ways to connect with your own inner-child as you build forts, braai marshmallows and learn something new.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for at-home fun to beat any signs of cabin fever, all the while, and probably unknowingly, showing the younger generation some of their happiest days with you.

Build a fort indoors 

Whether you’re five or 50, you’ll most probably have some very happy memories involving building an indoor fort.

Who would have thought that with all the toys in circulation, a couple of blankets and cushions could house so much potential for fun? Go on…build the indoor fort and forget about the state of the lounge.

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Toast marshmallows over an outdoor fire

Well worth considering is the art of fire, so teach your children how to make one under your supervision.

In today’s modern world, sometimes the most basic and practical skills don’t always get to shine. Teaching them something new about the outdoors, even if from the confines of your garden, will never go unrewarded. And yes, I’m talking about the toasted marshmallows to follow.

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Virtual playdates

Connectivity and communications can be put to good use during this time and if your children are missing friends, others their age or don’t have any siblings, perhaps it’s time to suggest a virtual playdate.

Remember that younger children can often find it hard to know what to say via the phone, so suggesting activities could combat this. A quick “hi” or drawing session via Skype could make their day and help them to still feel connected to their peers.

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Teddybear picnics in the garden 

There’s just something special about eating outdoors and the same applies to picnics. Pack a basket and head for your garden and picnic under a tree.

Teddybear picnics have long since been a big hit with children and their incredible imaginations, so round up some furry friends and enjoy as the hours fly by in your own backyard.

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Sing like no-one is listening 

No matter what side of the X-factor stage you’d be assigned to…singing makes us feel good.

Yours may be confined to the car or shower but singing along with your children or teaching them new songs is a great way to keep them busy and happy.

The Quarantine Choir on YouTube has short videos to teach you to sing a song and we all know that any feature children’s series theme song is already on repeat in their sponge-like brains, so scroll the internet to find apps and YouTube videos suitable for download.

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Mini-Masterchef in the making 

There’s no better time than during this home-based lockdown to teach your children how to cook and bake. Teaching a child how to cook prepares them for understanding food better and also expands their palates.

When a child cooks something on their own, they are also more much more likely to try new flavours and enjoy their own creation.

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Explore the full potential of those screens  

There are most certainly times in all parents’ lives to impose screen-time bans, but this is perhaps not the time to do this. Instead, put those devices to work for you, using all their potential to help entertain and educate the little ones.

It doesn’t have to be Candy Crush or the same Peppa Pig episode. Apps as simple as the online calculator, to taking photos, recording themselves and watching any educational video or child-friendly channels, are all win-wins in times like these.

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