dad daughter

One dad has been dragged online. Image via Unsplash

‘I love my daughter but…’: Dad slammed for refusing to ‘babysit’

‘A huge red flag’: One internet dad has been severely slammed for complaining about looking after his daughter.

dad daughter

One dad has been dragged online. Image via Unsplash

A man has got on the wrong side of many people after he shared his dilemma on Reddit. According to the man, he bought his wife a ticket to Italy for a week. She was very happy until he said that she would have to take their daughter with her. After saying she wants a break from parenting, he explained that he does not want to look after their child.

One man has divided the net with his thoughts on babysitting his daughter

Parenting is extremely hard. And while the world is evolving, many mothers are often stuck undertaking the bulk responsibilities of rearing children. One man has highlighted this after sharing how he bought his wife a ticket to Italy to visit family – the only catch is, she must take their daughter along.

She then explained to him that she would love a break from parenting for a week – but this does not sit well with him.

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“I bought my wife two tickets to visit her grandma in Italy next week,” he wrote. “The other ticket was for our daughter [4-year-old] since I assumed she’d be taking her. She says she wants a break from kids on her vacation.”

“I told her that was unfortunate since there’s no way that our daughter can not go if she goes because I have work and don’t want to take time off to babysit our daughter for an entire week.

I suggested we have someone else watch her, but we don’t know anyone that lives close by who’d be willing to watch her. I love my daughter, but I don’t want to take a week off to babysit her.”

He then explained how his wife is a stay-at-home mom and they both agreed that he would be the financial provider.. According to him, this means he does not have to take parental responsibilities.

The net begs to differ

Many people soon scolded the dad for refusing to take care of his responsibilities. A lot of them thought that he was being selfish for not wanting to take some time off to watch his daughter while mom took a small break.

“It isn’t babysitting when it’s your kid,” wrote one user. While another said,

“A father looking after their child is not babysitting; that’s called ‘parenting’, and it’s not something special that you do, something out of the ordinary because it’s normally your wife’s job.

It’s something you signed up to do 24/7, 365.25 days a year the moment your daughter was born. The fact that you consider being with and caring for your daughter ‘babysitting’ is a huge red flag.”

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