mothers, secrets, alone, reveal

What do you do when you are alone? Image: Alexander Krivitskiy | Pexels.

Confession time: Moms confess what they do when they are alone

What do you do when you are alone and no one can see? British mothers revealed their darkest secrets. And you’ll never guess what they do.

mothers, secrets, alone, reveal

What do you do when you are alone? Image: Alexander Krivitskiy | Pexels.

It’s confession time!

What do you do when no one can see you?

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We all have moments when no one is around during the day, and you can just let your hair down.

But what do moms do when the kids are at school and they are all alone at home?

The answers are downright hilarious. And some even cringeworthy.

Taking to parenting platform Mumsnet, one unnamed mother leads the revelations, telling all “The secret things you do that no-one else knows…. “

Her answer? She loves indulging in an ‘early-afternoon energy drink’ every day and likes to speak to herself in different accents. 

“They [energy drinks] are rancid, sugary, unhealthy and downright common as muck but I absolutely love the buzz I get for the rest of the day. DP [Darling Partner] would be appalled with me if he found out,” she wrote.

moms, mothers, reveal, secrets, alone, revelations
Moms reveal what they do when they are alone. Image:

Other moms soon joined in, revealing what they get up to behind closed doors. And their answers are equally hilarious and cringeworthy.


One shared that she gets a cleaner twice a month without her hubby’s knowledge. Another plays with her daughter’s dolls, MailOnline reports.

Another like to watch YouTube videos where ingrown toenails are being removed, saying: “Can you imagine admitting to that in real life?!”

Some even enjoy playing with their kids’ toys.

“I play Roblox. I know that’s really sad but it’s actually quite fun,” one mother said.

While another confessed: “When dd [darling daughter] was little I used to play with her dollhouse. I’d take photos first, to make sure I put everything back where it was.”

Other confessions included binge eating, posting on different platforms using different aliases, talking, singing and dancing with their pets.

“I too have a boogie with my dog. He’s a great dancer,” one comment reads.

“Everyone talks to their cat or dog as if they’re a person, right?” another said.

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