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Bride shook after folks refuse to get jabbed to attend her wedding

A bride has been left devastated after her anti-vaxxer parents decided they won’t attend her wedding because the venue requires all guests take the jab…


Images via Twitter/Unsplash: @AmyBettys

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on many lives and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. A New York bride found herself in tears after her anti-vaxxer parents decided that they would rather miss her important day than decide to get vaccinated just to attend the wedding.

A bride gets heartbroken by her parents

So many things have been ruined by the coronavirus and unfortunately, things continue to be messed up by the killer virus. Unfortunately for a New York bride called Amy Bettys one of the things that are about to be ruined by COVID-19, is her wedding.

Taking to Twitter on 23 August, the young woman sadly shared how her anti-vaxxer parents are refusing to get vaccinated and subsequently won’t be attending her special day where people are required to get the jab. Her tweet read:

“My parents just told me they are choosing not to attend my wedding rather than be vaccinated and AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

She also went on to explain how she was having the reception in a restaurant that requires people to get vaccinated. Her parents who are standing firmly against getting vaccinated then decided that they would rather miss the affair than get forcefully pricked.

“There is a citywide vaccine mandate,” Bettys continued, noting “Not only that, other guests we love don’t feel safe being around unvaccinated people indoors, so this isn’t my manipulation. Rather than getting a vaccine that will make them and others safer, they are making this choice,” she said according to

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Netizens offer their thoughts

@SpiritedSparr0w said:

“You are at the point where you are requiring medical treatments from your parents in exchange for attendance at your wedding. Thinking you should dictate their medical decisions is so messed up. You being so manipulative is probably extremely hurtful to them.”

While @chrisbrown2075 said:

“My parents have decided not to physically see their grandkids anymore rather than get vaccinated. We offered FaceTime, and they only did that once. So I guess we know where their priorities are now…”

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