KFC Add Hope donation.

KFC Add Hope donation. Image via X @KFCSA

Do KFC workers get punished for not meeting ‘Add Hope’ targets?

KFC South Africa has responded to allegations that their employees ‘receive’ warnings for not getting R2 donations.

KFC Add Hope donation.

KFC Add Hope donation. Image via X @KFCSA

KFC responds to social media reports that their employees receive warnings for failing to meet R2 Add Hope donation targets.


KFC trended on X on Wednesday, 12 June when social media user @_mishumo revealed that employees receive warning letters for failing to meet their “Add Hope” targets.

“Guys lets normalise giving KFC R2 donations, some people’s jobs matter,” he captioned his post on X.

The letter reads: “You are hereby warned in writing for having contravened a provision of the disciplinary code in that you committed the following misconduct.”

“Charges: Failed to meet the Add Hope target, made R12 with R7504.80 sales. The warning should be regarded as very serious and if you continue this unacceptable conduct, it would lead to more serious action being taken against you.”

South Africans took to social media to respond to the post and demanded answers from KFC.


@Ted3designz: “How is @KFCSA making a donation their employees’ responsibility? Make it make sense, 200 cents to be exact.”

@Blaque_Night: “Then why are employees signing warnings? Please answer that question otherwise you will trend.”

@LaraboGee: “Nah this is nonsense, the enemy is the R2, it’s the KFC system. All because of R2? And your job is at risk nah fam.”

@LolaHoneyBuns: “I will not be buying at KFC anymore if this is true. As consumers if we want to help staff, we do so by not supporting businesses that do this. It’s disgusting. KFC wants to sell charity illusions while not being charitable to their own staff.”

@KhulaniMalambe: “If I’m buying at KFC, already that says a lot about my current financial situation.”

@majorleague1313: “@KFCSA, please clear this up or we will spark a campaign to cancel this R2 donations all round.”


The fast-food franchise, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) South Africa has responded to social media reports that their employees receive warnings for failing to meet “R2 donation targets”. 

@KFCSA said on X: “Add Hope makes a collective effort to uplift our communities and make a meaningful difference, serving more than 30 million meals to kids in need every year.”

“While our team members are encouraged to be advocates of Add Hope. We firmly oppose the use of the Add Hope programme as a performance measure. Such actions contradict the ethos of Add Hope.”

Purpose KFC reports that Add Hope is their initiative that encourages the collective effort of a nation to fight malnutrition and hunger in South Africa.

“Through KFC contributions and your R2 donations, Add Hope feeds over 30 million nutritious meals to underprivileged children across South Africa”.

Warning Letter. Image via X @_mishumo_