Waiter stuns customers with im

Photo: Pixabay

Waiter stuns customers with impromptu opera performance in Kenton [video]

A waiter recently stunned customers eating at a restaurant in Kenton-On-Sea with an impromptu opera performance.

Waiter stuns customers with im

Photo: Pixabay

While people where enjoying their lunch at Pizerella in Kenton-On-Sea, a waiter stood up and stunned the restaurant with an impromptu opera performance.

An incredible impromptu opera performance

A video of the performance quickly went viral after Good Things Guy shared the clip. When Kelly Main was present for the performance, Kelly went on to ask the waiter known as Mteto Maphoyi about his background.

Maphoyi’s mom was musical so started off his life self taught and learnt from his mom. He received some form of training in Johannesburg and in Cape Town.

“At the beginning of the year, he lost his job due to COVID – I stand to be corrected on the exact details – and in desperate need of work, got in touch with a friend who got him a casual job as a waiter at the Pizerella restaurant in Kenton on Sea, Eastern Cape,” Kelly said. “He has a voice like an angel, a sunny and happy disposition and a wonderful smile that I couldn’t help but think, how on earth can this talent go unidentified?”

The wow factor

“Superb. Give that man a big hug,” said one Twitter user. “Wow. Beautiful talent right there.”

Opera music brings comfort from South African student in Germany

Last year, singing was the only way South African opera music student Ipeleng Kgatle knew how to convey a message of hope.

Kgatle hails from Tembisa township just outside of Kempton Park in Gauteng. Honours graduate at the University of Cape Town, she is in Mannheim, Germany pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Kgatle recorded a video in which she sang an opera piece by Hungarian composer, Franz Lehar.

“With so much time on my hands, singing is the only way I know how to send a message of healing during this pandemic. I hope my singing reaches everyone back home struggling to cope under lockdown. I wanted to portray love and hope through my singing.”

“This piece is from Guiditta by Lehar, composed in the 1930’s. It is a heartfelt song about love, dancing and fun. It’s one of those opera compositions you want to sing when you want to put a smile on people’s faces. People are just anxious and sad, understandably so under the circumstances. The world is at a standstill and we don’t know when we’re gonna get back to our normal lives.”