Julian met God.

Julian claims to have met God. Image via Instagram: @berlamundi

Julian Sotomey: The man who ‘met God’ after ‘dying for 10 minutes’

‘I believe him’: Man shocks the internet after claiming that he died for 10 minutes and met God before doctors were able to revive him.

Julian met God.

Julian claims to have met God. Image via Instagram: @berlamundi

For many people around the world, meeting God one day is the ultimate goal in life. What would make the experience even better? Living to tell the story. One man named Julian Sotomey claims that he not only died for 10 minutes and came back to life but also met God during the life-changing experience.

Julian Sotomey: The man who met God

Over the years, there have been many stories about pastors and prophets who have claimed that they have met God and were able to speak to him.

Despite the fact that people remain skeptical that this is actually something that can happen, one man who claims that he too has met God, has spoken out and told his story.

According to Julian Sotomey, he had suffered severe cardiac arrest and then died. Meanwhile, doctors were working tirelessly to bring him back to life and after 10 whole minutes, he was alive again.

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Julian says that when he died, he saw himself leaving his body that was surrounded by doctors. Soon he was face-to-face with God who imparted some words before doctors were able to bring him back.

”I came out of my body; so I could see myself on the operation table,” he said.

When asked what God had said, Julian explained in an interview with The Day Show that God spoke the following words:

”Son, this love I’m showing you is the same love I have for the poor, for the homeless, and the mad man.”

Netizens don’t know what to make of it

As expected, Julian’s story left many people with mixed feelings. A lot of them called him a mad man while others wanted to know more about his experience.

Here are some of their comments:

Melusi said:

“But there are some people who have died for a few moments then came back to life… mara this guy is just talking about a scene from the Doctor Strange movie.”

Lawrence Jika said:

“This one will be a good storyteller to his grandchildren.”

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