Johannesburg: World’s second-best city for cuisine

Johannesburg: World’s second-best city for cuisine
Image : Pixabay

Johannesburg: World’s second-best city for cuisine

TimeOut has ranked Johannesburg, which offers an array of cuisines, one of the best cities in the world for its culinary delights.

Johannesburg: World’s second-best city for cuisine

Johannesburg: World’s second-best city for cuisine
Image : Pixabay

TimeOut announced a list of the world’s best cities for food for 2024. Johannesburg has scooped second place on the list!

TimeOut is regarded as an authority on the world’s major cities when it comes to lifestyle-related topics including dining and leisure.

This is a feather in Johannesburg’s cap since the city does not often gain positive publicity.


There are 15 cities on the list for 2024. Taking the number one spot is Naples in Italy.

Daily Maverick states that Naples is the birthplace of Pizza – now famous all over the world.

Coming in behind Naples is South Africa’s bustling city of Johannesburg.

The city is a boiling pot of different cultures and cuisines. This is what makes Johannesburg a food lover’s delight.  


The following cities made it onto TimeOut’s list of delightful culinary destinations for 2024.

The cities are listed below, from the first to the fifteenth position.

Behind Naples, is the city of Johannesburg, followed by Lima, Peru; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Beijing, China; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mumbai, India; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Portland, Oregon, USA; Liverpool, England; Medellín, Colombia; Seville, Spain; Porto, Portugal, and Marrakech, Morocco.


While certain elements of Johannesburg are in decline, there is one area in which the city is thriving. The city’s culinary offerings are definitely not in decline.

Having a diverse population, including people from various other parts of the world, Johannesburg boasts a spread of culinary options.

Cuisine from all over the world can be found in the city of Johannesburg. From South African to African, and from Asian to European, it is not hard to find variety in the city.


TimeOut’s justification for choosing Johannesburg is based on the prevalence of African cuisine.

The city offers cuisine from countries including Ethiopia, Nigeria and other West African nations.

TimeOut says of Johannesburg, “From Ethiopian cafes in Little Addis to Nigerian and West African eats in the south of the city, you can eat your way across the continent here – though the majority of locals we surveyed recommended the city’s traditional South African delicacies, like the Sowetan kota sandwich, bunny chow and mala mogodu.”


TimeOut’s ranking of Johannesburg as a culinary hotpot is good news for the city.

Many tourists travel to sample the cuisines offered in other parts of the world.

Since eating is a significant element of a tourist’s experience, it is possible that Johannesburg could attract foodies from other parts of the world.

Few cities in the world offer such a range of culinary options in one place, as Johannesburg.