A job spec by the Du Plessis family in Johannesburg has gone viral.
Image via Twitter

‘Bake rusks too?’: Family’s ‘home manager’ job spec angers tweeps

The Du Plessis of Modderfontein have shared a long, long list of requirements for the job of a ‘house manager, PA, tutor and au pair’.


A job spec by the Du Plessis family in Johannesburg has gone viral.
Image via Twitter

With a bleak job market in the country, South Africans will do almost anything to make money. But does that mean the exploitation of desperate employees? According to tweeps who critised a recently advertised post, it certainly does…


On social media, a job post advertising a “house manager, au pair, tutor, and personal assistant” has gone viral.

The post was shared by the Du Plessis family of Modderfontein, Johannesburg who are looking for a “professional extension” of their household.

The family is looking for the following requirements:

  • A female graduate between the ages of 24 -30
  • Be able to drive, run errands and enjoy cooking
  • Must be able to start in the first week of December 2022 or January 2023
  • Have personality characteristics that include being: “honest, friendly, professional, good morals, hard-working, perfectionist, logical, responsible and organised”

But whilst the family is offering a pretty decent salary of R22 000 per month – with a sleep-in weekday option – it was the long, long list of responsibilities that caught the attention of Black Twitter.

A demanding job spec has gone viral on Twitter

The job responsibilities include, in their own words; 

  • Prepare breakfast lunch and dinner
  • Drive the kids to and from school and to extracurricular activities
  • Take the kids to the doctor
  • Work out a holiday programme
  • Tutor the 10-year-old with his homework and studying
  • Do grocery shopping on Monday and Friday
  • Ensure that the house is neat and in order
  • Manage and oversee the staff that work at the house
  • Ensure the cupboards are neat
  • Run errands such as renewing licence, paying for electricity, etc
  • Take the Jack Russel to the vet once a month, bath him once a week, take him on a walk once a day
  • Ensure the admin is up to date
  • Bake rusks
  • Always act professionally
  • Ensure that the car is neat and clean and that it is washed once a week
  • Drive the staff to the mall in the afternoons
  • Assist with any other ad-hoc tasks

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While many tweeps acknowledged that the job remuneration was appealing, others claimed it was not worth the extensive and time-consuming responsibilities. Others questioned why rusks had to be homemade!

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@ladykmalotle: “So if the worker is doing this, what are the actual parents doing?”

@ggdlams: “Four jobs in one. You need superpowers to do all that me thinks”

@LeboWamoXhosa: “I can’t explain but they sound abusive and I feel like they’ll charge you rent and food and fuel”

@KgarebeKuye: “Do these people know that there are only 24 hours in a day?”

@BeautyJobe_: “Love how they just threw in ‘bake rusks’ likes it’s a normal thing”

@Twinkie_October: “All of these items here and y’all still want me to act professional?  Crazy”

@LindeniLebea: “They want a mother, PA, chef, tutor, manager, pet sitter, babysitter, driver, and event organiser for R22 000. Ain’t no way this money is worth it”

@Jack_Marston10: “They might as well say we want someone to devote their whole life to them because you won’t even have time to spend that R22 000pm”


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