Jeffrey Epstein: Former Cape Town model opens up about life on Peadophile Island.

A former Cape Town model opened up about life on Peadophile Island. Image: BBC / Expectation Entertainment

Jeffrey Epstein: CPT model speaks of life on ‘Paedophile Island’ [watch]

The shock and horror continues. A former Cape Town model opens up about the Epstein islands in a new BBC documentary. Watch the trailer.

Jeffrey Epstein: Former Cape Town model opens up about life on Peadophile Island.

A former Cape Town model opened up about life on Peadophile Island. Image: BBC / Expectation Entertainment

When the news about the late Jeffrey Epstein’s reign of horror as paedophile first came to light, the world was shocked. The businessman was linked to well-known names, including that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates and even Prince Andrew.

Now, a Captonian model, Juliette Bryant, is coming forward claiming she too spent time on the now infamous Epstein islands. The late disgraced financier’s two private islands — commonly referred to as “Paedophile Island” — in the US Virgin Islands.

Bryant told Mail Online that she was first introduced to the American financier as a 20-year-old aspiring model whereafter he promised to help her modelling career take off. She visited numerous of his homes, including the ones in Paris, New Mexico, New York City and the US Virgin Islands.

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The South African model can be seen in the third part of the BBC documentary series House of Maxwell where she opens about about the sex trafficking operation she compares to a “factory”.

The documentary series deals with the life, dealings and missteps of Epstein’s convicted sidekick, Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to reports by Mail Online, Bryant was taken to Epstein’s Caribbean island where she became trapped in the sex trafficking operation “run” by Epstein and “operated” by Maxwell.

In the series she talks about watching other victims performing sex acts on Epstein. She herself, was also assaulted on a number of occasions over a period of almost two years. According to MailOnline, the model saw 60 girls and women during her time on the islands.

“Things happened there that scared me so deeply that I can’t even talk about them. He fed off the terror, there was something about the energy of a girl being scared that he liked,” Bryant says.


Bryant, was first approached in 2002 when a woman said Epstein could help propel her modelling career through his connections at Victoria’s Secret.

Although she initially thought she was booked for a shoot in New York, the once starry eyed model was soon disillusioned when she was flown to the US Virgin Islands and asked to watch a movie with Jeffrey Epstein and another girl – according to MailOnline.

To her shock, the girl soon after began performing a sex act on the paedophile.

“There was no hope of getting away. I was in a foreign country with no money or cellphone or means of communication. I just realised then I was completely trapped and there was nothing I could do. Ghislaine was running the girls and would tell us when we needed to go to his bedroom, you couldn’t say no, there was just no option,” Bryant said.

– as reported by MailOnline.

As reported by 2OceansVibeNews, she was assaulted multiple times before being threatened to stay quiet and sent home. If she ever spoke about what happened, Epstein would make her life a living hell.

House Of Maxwell, airs in the UK from Monday 4 April


Ghislaine Maxwell, the former socialite accused of recruiting girls and women for Epstein, has since been convicted of sex trafficking.

As reported by The Conversation, Prince Andrew has reached a settlement in the civil sexual assault case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre accused Andrew of sexual assault on three occasions when she was a teenager. Andrew agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to Giuffre, and to make a donation to her charity, which supports victims of abuse.

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