Book review: Jan Braai’s “Red

Book review: Jan Braai’s “Red Hot” is hot hot hot

Jan Braai is back with his new book “Red Hot”. This is the second installment in the braai encyclopaedia that every person who loves South Africa can not live without.

Book review: Jan Braai’s “Red
Used with the kind permission from Bookstorm Publishers
Used with the kind permission from Bookstorm Publishers

After reviewing Jan Braai’s first book “Fireworks” a few months ago, the second instalment “Red Hot” left me salivating and wishing this London weather would hurry up and get warm so I can fire up the BBQ — I mean braai!

This second edition can be read individually or as an extension of “Fireworks”, completing this incredible encyclopaedia of “the five and ancient art” of the Braai.

“Red hot” focuses on the added extras that will ensure your braai is utterly sublime. This includes the art of sauces, patés, broodstokkies, and things you didn’t even think of adding to your adventures on the braai. The additional potjie recipes are not just mouth watering, they evoke a reaction inside you that will mend a broken spirit.

Curry recipes are aplenty, my favourite being the the Spicy Potato Soup with Chorizo recipe. I must admit I made mine in the oven, but please don’t judge me, on a pouring wet ‘spring day’ in the English countryside, there was no way of firing up a braai. This recipe has left a lasting impression on me. So much so that during the eight or nine sunny days we have in the UK, I shall redeem myself in Jan’s eyes and prepare this same dish on the fire, on every possible occasion of sun!

It’s not just the meat recipes that are amazing, the sauce recipes are spectacular too. The vegetables recipes, the rosti recipes, the cous cous recipes… All provide such deliciousness and allow you to cater for your vegan and vegetarian friends with ease. The macaroni cheese potjie recipe will leave everyone – excluding the vegans – reaching for their potjies to put on an open flame. The cheese fondue also leaves a reader begging for the sunshine.

The best, however, has to be the last. The sweet-toothed amongst us, will be positively drooling reading the recipes for Brandy tiramisu, potjie Malva pudding, apple tart potjie and sago pudding.

There is even a recipe for braai gluhwein… Now where else would you find this?

There is something for everyone in this book. Every homesick Saffa will read these pages and feel nostalgic. Every South African still in the motherland will need this to improve their skills. A precedent has been set and Jan Braai has set the bar high. There are reasons holidays are named after this man. He is a man amongst men, and if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Jan Braai will be be spreading the love for all.

The recipes are simple and easy for the most novice of readers. Commonsense is needed, granted, but with that, almost every page will be a personal triumph. A triumph a reader can take credit for, well until the people you are cooking for also buy this book!