Jamaica wants to get you high

(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Jamaica wants to get you high as soon as you land

Jamaica plans to install cannabis kiosks at its airports.

Jamaica wants to get you high

(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

If you have a ‘places to travel in 2016’ list that doesn’t include Jamaica, I’m telling you now, review it ASAP or you’ll be left out dry without the high from the weedscapade the country is planning for its visitors.

As soon as you land at a Jamaican airport you will be welcomed by Cannabis Kiosks. What a way to beat the jetlag, right?

Jamaica decriminalised the ‘happy herb’ in February last year, therefore these plans are soon-to-be-realised dreams because the country is looking to cash in on the business.

Another reason is that the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is already looking for ways to introduce ‘dedicated desks’, where visitors can pick up a cannabis licence.

Mirror reports that it is legal to carry up to two ounces (56 grams) of weed in the country even though the police still can issue anyone in possession of weed with a fine and a ticket.

“We’ve had our first meeting, and my thinking is that we’d need a few weeks to turn out an appropriate policy document,” said Dr Winston De La Haye, who is CLA’s medical committee chairman.

While we’re wishing SA could follow suit with the decriminalisation, CLA member Delano Seiveright hopes Jamaica could follow in the footsteps of Canada and Colorado, who have made millions from the legal sale of cannabis.

The kiosks will be handled by people with medical training so no dodgy dealers and if you don’t have a prescription you will have to ‘self-declare’.

Self-declaring will allow you to have the two ounces while you are there.