Correctional cuisine: What cou

Image: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Correctional cuisine: What could be on Zuma’s presidential prison platter?

Jacob Zuma will not have the luxury of a state-of-the-art kitchen as Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar had in his custom-built prison.

Correctional cuisine: What cou

Image: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images

As Jacob Zuma was found guilty of contempt after failing to adhere to a court order to attend the Zondo Commission, and subsequently sentenced to 15 months behind bars, the former president was ultimately given five days to present himself to authorities to begin his prison term.

In anticipation of Zuma presenting himself to authorities, one wonders if the former president will receive preferential treatment and get a personal chef while serving his sentence?

A free man

According to crime expert Dr Guy Lamb, it is likely that Zuma would be granted parole as soon as he was eligible, and would not be treated like a normal prisoner.

For starters, if Zuma is imprisoned at the beginning of July, he will be eligible for parole in late September. He might also be sent to the medical wing due to his age (79), as well as the need to keep him separate from “hardened criminals”.

Jacob Zuma’s prison meal plan

According to News24, the Department of Correctional Service spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo also outlined what a day’s meal plan would look like:

For breakfast, Zuma will receive cereal with milk and sugar, bread with margarine and a spread and tea or coffee with sugar and milk. At lunch time he will be treated to a light meal with margarine and a spread and a vitamin-enriched fruit drink or fresh fruit or soup.

Meanwhile, for dinner, he will receive a protein-rich dish (animal protein), starch dish, vegetable dishes (two types) and tea or coffee with sugar and milk

Zuma’s possible preferential treatment and a prison palace

Jacob Zuma is not the first to look forward to possible preferential treatment while in prison.

Take Pablo Escobar, for example. The billionaire CEO of a vast business empire – albeit one that was illegal and soaked in blood – was given permission to create his own custom-made prison, overlooking the city of Medellin. Dubbed the Cathedral, it boasted all the perks and luxuries of a celebrity hideaway, complete with its own football pitch, hot tub, giant dollhouse and state-of-the-art kitchen.

What’s more, according to 2OceansVibe, even while in jail, Zuma will still be costing the taxpayer money:

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos said despite being found guilty of contempt of court, Zuma would not lose his presidential perks, which includes security, travel, pension and medical aid.

De Vos added the only way a president could lose his benefits, according to legislation, was if he was impeached while sitting as a president.

The publication also begs the question: Is Zuma actually going to end up behind bars, or will we see him granted a Schabir Shaik-like medical parole, where he relaxes at Nkandla – with his fire pool – for the duration of his sentence?

The support of his children

Zuma’s daughter took to Twitter to state that her father will present himself for incarceration, whether it is in Johannesburg or Nkandla…

His son, Edward, on the other hand, said that authorities have a fight on their hands, as reported by EWN:

Edward said the police would have to kill him first, before arresting his father. He said the Constitutional Court’s decision against Zuma was unjust, and adherence to COVID-19 regulations was not a priority at the moment.

“We encourage people to come out in their numbers to come and support President Zuma,” he said.

When asked about COVID-19 regulations he replied, “We know we’re in a situation of war, you can’t be considering COVID-19 situations. If it means we die, we die, and we are prepared to die.”