Nick Evans rescued a snake from a KZN school. Images via Facebook: Nick Evans

‘It just wants an education: Ssscary snake makes its way to KZN school!

Snake rescuer Nick Evans just rescued a large ‘unwanted student’ from a KZN school that was terrorising learners and teachers!


Nick Evans rescued a snake from a KZN school. Images via Facebook: Nick Evans

A bunch of learners and teachers at a KwaZulu-Natal school were left in a panic after they spotted a large black mamba lurking on the school grounds. Luckily, the snake’s reign of terror didn’t last for too long because snake rescuer Nick Evans quickly came and captured the sneaky snake.

Nick Evans captures a large snake at a KZN school

Many people across the world have a deep-rooted fear of snake’s and once you see one near you, you’ll quickly understand why. Teachers and pupils at a KZN school were left feeling all sorts of frightened after a large black mamba was spotted doing rounds on the premises.

They were not scared for too long because KZN snake rescuer Nick Evans quickly made his way to the school to save both the slippery animal and the scared learners.

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Taking to Facebook, Nick shared the exciting tale with his many fans:

“An unwelcomed student. Yesterday afternoon, I was contacted by a school in Chatsworth (I’ll leave out the name ???? ). The caller said there was a Black Mamba in the school grounds, which was now hiding in the change rooms! That didn’t sound like an ideal situation, to say the least, so away I went.”

“It was a very quick, easy, and uneventful catch, unlike my last one (see the last post). Big mamba, about 2.3m, with a bit of the tail missing. Chunky snake! A great rodent controller. It will be released away from this school and others!”

Hilarious jokes are made

Nqobani Ngidi said:

“The constitution says all those within South Africa shall have access to education. Nick, please put that snake back to school, it too just wants an education.”

Carolina Van Heerden said:

“Shame the mamba wanted to enroll his children.”

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