Grumpy cat

A new quiz helps people determine whether or not their cat is a psychopath. Image via Getty Images

Is your cat a psychopath? Take this scientific quiz to find out!

If your cat’s bizarre behaviour has left you baffled it may be because she or he is a psychopath. This quiz can help you find out!

Grumpy cat

A new quiz helps people determine whether or not their cat is a psychopath. Image via Getty Images

Cats unlike dogs, tend to take a more serious and relaxed approach to everything. Some cats, however, display certain characteristics that could point to a troubling underlying issue. Scientists have now developed a quiz to help owners find out whether their feline friend is psychopathic or not.

Has your cat got a bad cat-titude? He might be a psychopath

If your beloved cat has been acting strange lately and baffling you with outrageous and sometimes dangerous behaviour, you can now find out exactly what the issue is.

Psychologists have studied the relationship between these pets and their owners and have since developed a quiz that can help determine whether or not the cat is a psychopath.

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The quiz which is called CAT-Tri+, consists of 46 statements that owners need to rate depending on how well the statement describes their furry friend. Some examples of the statements include:

“My cat dominates neighborhood cats” and “He or she torments prey rather than killing it straight away.”

Daily Mail reports that the quiz will help measure the cat’s level of “meanness” and whether or not the animal has a lack of empathy and a low level of fear. These signs can mean problems with behavioral restraint.

Why was the quiz developed?

Rebecca Evans, a psychologist at Liverpool University says that the quiz was developed to help these furry cuties and their owners establish better and healthier relationships.

The questionnaire can be used by owners or vets to pinpoint undesirable behaviour and help fix it.

“We believe that like any other personality trait, psychopathy is on a continuum, where some cats will score more highly than others.

“It is likely that all of them have an element of psychopathy as it would have once been helpful for their ancestors in terms of acquiring resources, for example, food, territory and mating opportunities.”

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