Rasta has impressed many with his Chicken Licken ad feature. Image via Twitter: @rastatheartist

‘I’m so impressed’: Rasta basks in the success of his Chicken Licken ad

Rasta The Artist says that he ‘might find himself acting one day’ after he successfully featured in a hilarious Chicken Licken ad.


Rasta has impressed many with his Chicken Licken ad feature. Image via Twitter: @rastatheartist

Earlier this week, controversial South African artist Rasta left people feeling thoroughly impressed after watching him feature in a Chicken Licken advert. While the ad poked fun at his arguably poor painting skills, he says he is proud and may even pursue acting in the near future.

Rasta wouldn’t mind becoming an actor following his recent success

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, then you probably don’t know who Rasta is. The local artist has made a name for himself in the industry because of his unique style of painting.

He has found himself at the top of Twitter trends countless times because he often paints local celebs and legends in a way that often leaves Mzansi laughing their butts off.

He is once again trending but this time because he did a really cool feature in a Chicken Licken advert. In the advert, the artist applies for a job as a sketch artist at a police station.

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Unfortunately, his work is so bad that the prosecutor imagines struggling to close any cases because he can’t seem to identify any of the criminals in Rasta’s sketches. Because of this, Rasta’s application is turned down.

The advert appears to have revived Rasta’s dreams of acting because he recently shared with TshisaLive how he wouldn’t mind taking on acting roles in the future.

“I would love to be an actor. Growing up I always loved being at the theatre at school, I was part of the choir in primary, so I love theatre and music and anything in art. So I might find myself acting one day.” he told the publication.

Mzansi thinks it’s a stellar idea

Many of Rasta’s fans and critics loved seeing him securing the bag and doing what he loves. Soon they encouraged him to continue doing what he loves.

One Twitter user, @ElMethuselah wrote:

“You’re a legend Rasta even your acting was on point, hope they give you more roles even in these soapies.”

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