How to take better photographs

Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

How to take better photographs: A simple yet effective guide

Often people have the misconception about photography that you need expensive equipment to take great photographs.

How to take better photographs

Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

However, this is not entirely true because it is usually about the technique and your artistic eye that ultimately gives you a great photograph no matter what the camera. If you are not satisfied with the way your photographs are turning out, then it may be time for you to review some of the basics in taking photos to ensure that you are making the best use of your camera. When taking photographs, one of the key elements is the lighting of the photos and this greatly affects the quality of the photographs you take. Thus, it is important to learn how to understand how the lighting works in your specific surrounding, adjust and adapt to it so that it works best for you. Here are some ways you can learn to take better photographs.

Familiarise yourself with your camera and equipment

Take time to thoroughly familiarize with the various options and elements of your camera so that you know you are using it effectively to its fullest potential. Read the manual to understand what each button, control and menu does and these are some of the very basics that you must master in. Some main actions that you make use of are using the flash, zooming and using the shutter buttons. Apart from learning these by yourself, it would be helpful to go through online tutorials and even better to learn through another professional photographer. There are different types of professionals in this career path so if you have someone who inspires you, you could choose to contact them such as NYC elopement photographers.

Holding the camera properly

The quality of the photos also depends on how you hold the camera. Make sure you hold the camera with both hands so that you have more control over it. This helps you to keep your camera steady and take pictures more effectively. You could also hold your elbows close to your body to help steady the hold. However, the most effective method to steady the camera would be to use a tripod. This is the best way to take photographs without any shake and you are able to adjust to different settings faster as well.

Finding your light source

The next crucial factor is identifying the light source and where it is coming from. Identifying this will ensure that your subject gets the best lighting needed to make a great photograph. Take a moment to look around you to see what direction the light is coming and you need to make sure that the light falls on the subject to illuminate it. Having the light source behind the subject will give dark and flat pictures which are not often great.

Set the resolution to high

The highest resolution will help the images to be altered and edited better than the low-resolution ones. In addition, the high-resolution images are of much better quality than low-resolution ones. So a simple yet very effective tip is to always have your camera image resolution high when taking photographs.