Mental health-pregnancy

How to safeguard your mental health during pregnancy.
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How to safeguard your mental health during pregnancy

In addition to the physical changes that women experience during their pregnancy, their mental health can also be impacted.

Mental health-pregnancy

How to safeguard your mental health during pregnancy.
Image by Pexels

For women, being pregnant is a life-altering event as they get ready to give birth to a child, therefore, paying attention to their mental health is crucial.

Although it can also be a stressful and anxious time, it is a time of great joy and anticipation.

It’s important to take care of your mental health if you want to have a good pregnancy and a healthy baby because mental health problems are frequent throughout pregnancy.

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Depression, anxiety, and stress are a few of the numerous mental health conditions that can arise during pregnancy.

Numerous things, such as hormonal changes, relationship issues, financial stress, and physical discomfort, can contribute to these problems.

For the sake of the mother and the unborn child, it is critical to address mental health difficulties during pregnancy, regardless of the underlying reason

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While mood fluctuations are common during pregnancy, according to Shivangi Sagar, a counselling psychologist and co-founder of HopeQure, a platform for counselling and therapy consultations, if you feel anxious or depressed all the time, it may be an indication of something more serious.

The following are some measures to safeguard your mental health while expecting:

Seek prenatal care

To detect mental health concerns early on and offer help and tools to treat them, regular prenatal care is essential.

Prenatal care may also guarantee the mother’s and the unborn child’s well-being throughout the whole pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy can be an effective strategy for treating depression.

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It can help to improve mood during pregnancy and provide body strength, particularly the pelvic floor, hip, and abdominal muscles.

A healthy woman is more likely to deliver or give birth to a healthy baby, according to a study, and it helps the mother have a healthier pregnancy.

Increase awareness

You should be aware that you are dealing with mental health concerns. It may be beneficial to speak with a specialist who can assist you in resolving your particular problems.

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Openly communicate about your pregnancy

You may better understand your stressors and learn how to handle them by discussing them with your spouse, family, friends, or a professional.

It will also make it easier for your loved ones to assist you at this time.

A robust support network may offer priceless emotional support and connection throughout pregnancy. Getting involved in a pregnancy support group might be a great way to get help.