How to keep your family entert

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How to keep your family entertained during lockdown

(Partner Content) Most people’s idea of fun involves leaving the house so understandably, they are having difficulty adjusting when forced to stay indoors. If you and your family are looking for ways to keep entertained, we’ve got you covered with these suggestions to keep you entertained during this time of isolation.

How to keep your family entert

Image provided by Mi-Way

Staying indoors doesn’t need to be all gloom and doom, there are plenty of fun things to do from the comfort of your own home!

Subscribe to a streaming TV platform

Look for platforms that have a wide range of TV shows, movies and series to keep you out of boredom. There’s something for everyone, from action, anime and thrillers to romance, dramas and comedies. You may also be able to set TV shows and movies your kids can watch by using the parental controls feature on the site. This means you’re in control of the type of content your children are exposed to. 

Story time

Since your children won’t be going to school, it’s important to still educate them and keep their minds busy. Reading to your child stimulates their imagination and is proven to expand their understanding of the world. It also improves their listening skills and helps them develop their language. Check out these free books for children that you can download. 

Play video games

Playing video games is a fun way to pass the time and keep you and your family entertained. Pick a game you know your family will love and get your game on!  Game developers are constantly developing fresh content in various categories so there are plenty of games to choose from. Did you know that playing video games can uplift your mood, increase your memory and improve your problem-solving skills? If you aren’t a gamer, then maybe now is your chance to give it a try.


There are plenty of home workouts available online  to help you continue or start your fitness journey. We know that working out can get boring sometimes, but it could easily turn to a fun, family activity. How’s that for family goals?

Home is where the heart is, and with these tips home will be where the fun is. We know how much you love your house and that’s why it’s important to have home insurance. Get affordable budget insurance now so that you can live your way and have peace of mind knowing that your family’s belongings are protected through unforeseen circumstances. 

Stay indoors and stay safe!