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What does it take to achieve your matric as an adult learner: Image: Supplied

What does it take to achieve your matric as an adult learner?

UCT Online High School is giving adult learners an opportunity to attain their matric certificate through their online lessons.

adult learner

What does it take to achieve your matric as an adult learner: Image: Supplied

A lot of stories of the grandma who went back to complete her law degree, the security guard who used quiet times on the job to study for his exams, the receptionist who became the CEO, and similar, are emerging. More people are returning to their studies and technology allows us the convenience to participate wherever we are. This is not just for tertiary studies, learners are completing their high school online, and now, so can adults who never got the chance, for any number of reasons. But, based on how your life is currently set up, this might be as scary as it is exciting. Would you even succeed? That’s a question only you can answer but it’s possible and these are some of the things you’d need to make it.

A strong, self-motivated work ethic

Firstly, the stage of life you’re in will dictate how drastic a change you need to make. Whether you are a full-time employee, a stay-at-home guardian, a business owner or a person who’d like to help someone else realise their potential, you will need to determine whether it’s possible to continue with the educational journey. Is there a willingness and desire to learn? Having this makes the rest a little easier. And institutions like UCT Online High School for Adult Matric make it possible.

Ability to meet deadlines and take ownership of assignments

A strong, self-motivated work ethic is important because the Adult Matric learner will have to take ownership of their learning journey and meet certain deadlines. Their dedicated team of Support Coaches, help you along the way as accountability partners and progression requires that you put a good amount of effort into your learning. You will also be supported by Technical Support Officers who will be available to offer tech assistance during tests and exams. Outside of your work ethic, you will simply need time to do this. Twenty hours a week!

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A minimum time commitment of 20 hours per week

This works out to just under 3 hours per day. We believe that anyone can achieve success at any age, it will just need some time. UCT Online High School’s Structured Flexibility allows you to structure your days to best suit your needs. Modules are released weekly and need to be completed by the end of the week. The same applies to Cycle Tests and Examinations, which will need to be written at set times according to the academic calendar.

Technical proficiency

As an Adult Matric learner, you need to know your way around a computer. How to work functions like Word, the internet, and apps. How to scan and sometimes print documents. These are all things that can be learnt. You don’t need to know how to write code or be an IT specialist. Don’t worry, UCT Online High School’s orientation programme will help you get familiar with the learning platform and offer clarity on the entire process.

How Adult Matric Works at UCT Online High School

Technical proficiency is important to navigate the following: learning content which will be delivered on their Learning Management System. This will also be where you submit your work back for grading. You will need to be able to access and upload content on this learning platform. They’ve built an Individual Mastery learning model, which allows you to divide your attention up as and when you see fit, as long as all the content is fit into the set schedule, Monday through Friday. You can move along the weekly content at your own rhythm, as long as you meet the required deadlines, and when you encounter content that you need more help with, there will be remediation measures taken to help you learn what you need to. All this also requires that you be able to use the internet. If you made it this far, you are probably at a good proficiency level.

The benefits of returning for your Adult Matric

There are a few reasons to take that decision to go back to your studies, even though this, can at times, be frowned upon. It has the potential to transform your entire life. This one decision to complete your high school education could open up a set of opportunities you’ve never had access to, maybe a person or idea. Perhaps it leads to even more learning. What if you could still become a doctor or landscape architect? If a university degree is a goal you’d still like to get to, then Adult Matric is a great path there. It’s never too late to realise your dreams!

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