‘How our parents used to take

Photo: Twitter/MrVibes/ThandokaziBreakfast

‘How our parents used to take pictures’ challenge goes viral in SA

‘How our parents used to take pictures’ trend is giving South Africans a hilarious flashback of the good ol’ days.

‘How our parents used to take

Photo: Twitter/MrVibes/ThandokaziBreakfast

South Africans recently took part in the ‘How our parents used to take pictures’ challenge, which has gone viral on leading social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A hilarious throwback

It is said that in this challenge, millennials dress up in vintage fashion, with Mbongeni Ngema’s Stimela Sase Zola playing in the background, while they do different picture poses. Of course, these poses do not include taking selfies.

“These picture poses are very different from what the present generation is currently doing, as they are not modern poses where one pouts or squints their eyes. It’s either you roll on the floor, touch leaves or lean against the wall,” writes Mashable.

Here are some hilarious videos that have come out because of the challenge:

There is also one which includes the famous telephone pose as well.

Viral social media challenges 2020

From the Dalgona coffee challenge to the quarantine travel challenge, people found enough excuses to stay busy on social media and shake off boredom during the pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020. One challenge that went viral was the quarantine travel challenge which saw people creating favourite moments from their travels with various props at home.

Another viral challenge during the pandemic, was inspired by the South Korean Dalgona candy (a sugary toffee with a soft sponge-like texture). The drink became extremely popular for its easy-to-make recipe and aesthetically pleasing look.

And then, we saw the quarantine pillow challenge which required participants to make outfits from their favourite pillows. Some even accessorised it with a heavy belt, pearl necklace or funky shoes.

After the 10-year challenge, the next social media craze was the #MeAt20 challenge, where users had to look back to their younger years. From youngsters to celebrities, everyone was hooked on to this challenge. As the name suggests, the challenge simply required users to post a picture of themselves when they were 20 years of age, with the hashtag #MeAt20.