How handwritten cards are maki

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How handwritten cards are making a comeback in our digital world

Zimbabwean-born, UK-based business owner, Catherine Heuer writes a poignant reminder of how special it is to receive a handwritten card.

How handwritten cards are maki

Image credit: Pixabay

As part of her business, CathCurios, Catherine Heuer sells handmade cards and penned this little reminder of how important it is to keep in touch the ‘old’ way, despite living in the easy, instant digital age in which we find ourselves.

Catherine Heuer – Photographed by Aga Kowalska, Exeter

There`s nothing more intriguing than going through your mail and seeing a handwritten envelope which isn’t a bill! The good old traditional way of sending communication to each other by putting pen to paper and expressing how you feel at that very moment in time. 

Whether it’s good or bad news you have to share, your beautiful (or spider-like) handwriting in the card makes it so much more personal.  It’s a wonderful gesture to show them how you appreciate someone even though you may not have spoken for a while. Even if it’s just to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

When I came across this small project based in a rural area of the Western Cape, South Africa, I was thrilled at how unique, sustainable and enchanting each Greeting Card (really a piece of art) was. Also, the story that lies behind it. The Greeting Cards have meticulous details on them, not only are they handmade but are made from recycled Paper, Clay, feathers, plant life, ores, and much more from our earth.

There is undeniably a lot of time, dedication, sentiment and affection that goes into making each individual greeting card. These Beautiful Greeting Cards are so unique that many people frame them and put on their walls for display!

Elsie, the founder, set up this project to encourage the disadvantaged and mentally challenged local people into work. Working on a part-time basis gives them the invaluable opportunity to work, be part of a team and earn an income.

The fabulous handmade Greeting Cards that celebrate all things South African. My favourite in the collection is “the little guys”, as its giving them hope.  A job they can call their own. Putting their personal touch on the cards.

There is a whole range of themes for their cards and the designs are based on the raw materials that are available at the time of making them. Below are stunning examples of the creativity, the array of raw materials used and their very obvious love of Southern Africa.