25 Hilarious Tweets capture th

25 Hilarious Tweets capture the reality of married life

First comes love, then comes marriage…and a few examples of the joys of married life! Check out the funny side of marriage over here:

25 Hilarious Tweets capture th

Ah, the joys of being married! We all know that couples who laugh together, stay together, and we’ve got Tweets to prove it.

Marriage refers to that blissful union between two people who promise to love each other until ‘death do them part’….but what happens in between are sometimes the best part of the whole deal and just too darn funny. The following Twitter users are the real-deal, folks and decided to share their reality of married life:

  1. When you haven’t washed the dishes while she’s away:

2. When you’re not in college anymore:

3. THIS:

4. The reality of it all…

5. She’s prepared….

6. The thrill of the fight…

7. Like a hyena:

8. Marriage level: Expert.

9. Strange thoughts:

10. Truth:

11. Or any dresser for that matter.

12. What not to say to your wife 101:

13. Legit question, yes?

14. She has great hearing…

15. Astonished:

16. Question…

17. When you just don’t know.

18. Yes, yes it will.

19. Sound familiar?

20. The only conversations to have…

21. There will be a few curve balls along the way.

22. When you’re just too tired…

23. Classic!

24. Whoops.

25. Fist bump!