eating healthy is a big part of having healthy kidneys

Eating healthier is a big part of healthy kidneys. Image via Unsplash

Overeating or overweight? These foods can help manage your appetite!

Goodbye overeating!: Consuming these foods will supress your appetite and help you kick those pesky cravings to the curb.

eating healthy is a big part of having healthy kidneys

Eating healthier is a big part of healthy kidneys. Image via Unsplash

Summer is nearly year and many people are hoping to get in shape before it’s actually time to hit the beach. While it’s almost impossible to lose a huge amount of weight within a couple of months, there are ways to help yourself consume fewer calories and assist your body in getting lean and looking good. It starts with these appetite-suppressing foods!

What foods should you be eating to control your appetite?

Eating is many people’s favourite thing to do. As the list of foods to eat around the world becomes bigger, more interesting and delicious, people are gaining weight.

With all the unhealthy oils and salts found in most fast foods, it’s no wonder losing weight is becoming harder than ever to do. There is however a solution and the good news is that it involves eating.

The only catch is that these foods will not only help to suppress your appetite, they are also full of all the good stuff that your body needs!

Nature’s wonder foods


Avocados are packed with good fats and oils that help you feel energised and full. The saturated fats found in avocados are called oleic acids and activates the brain’s pituitary glands which control your hunger hormones.


Eggs are packed with protein which helps regulate those pesky hunger pangs. Consuming eggs for breakfast will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.


Apples are high in soluble fibre and pectin which are very filling. IOL reports that the amount of chewing that goes into eating an apple also helps your body realise that you are full. This means you will no longer feel the need to eat anything else.

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Just like apples, oats are high in fibre. A nice bowl of oats for breakfast goes a long way to keep you full for longer during the day.


Coffee is packed with caffeine and antioxidants which fight the hunger feeling, this makes the popular beverage an excellent appetite suppressant.


Cinnamon has been scientifically proven to help you eat less. Research finds that cinnamon regulates the body’s blood sugar levels. It also tells your body that it does not need any more food. It also adds a great taste to coffee and oats so sprinkling a little bit in your food goes a long way.

Dark chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover then this one is for you. Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and protects your heart and brain. Experts believe that it will also help to curve those sweet and salty food cravings.

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