over weight obese

Overweight people face a lot of stigma. Image via Unsplash

Weight loss after pregnancy: The homemade ‘mommy makeover’

Post-partum life isn’t easy – and losing the weight that came with your pregnancy is especially hard. One new mother goes on a journey to lose 5kg in one month…naturally!

over weight obese

Overweight people face a lot of stigma. Image via Unsplash

One year and four months ago, the 25-year-old me welcomed my first child into the world – a healthy and big baby boy. Along with a cocktail of emotions, sleepless nights and heartwarming moments first came drastic weight loss and then dreaded weight gain.

In the back of my mind, I put off caring too much about my post-partum body but have finally decided that at 75.6 kg and a bulging belly enough is enough.

‘Mommy makeover’: The road to achieving weigh loss after birth

The realisation for me to lose weight came after my favourite pair of jeans absolutely refused to close around my waist. At first, I shrugged it off but then scared myself with the thought of where I would be in the next few years if I didn’t start making an effort to lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle.

After having a child, it’s always easy for a new mom to blame the weight gain on the fact that she has a little one who is demanding all of her time. Couple that with a full-time working-from-home job and you have a sure recipe for disaster — ask me, I know.

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The beginning of the end

And so I decided that I was going to embark on a weight loss journey and my first step was to buy a scale – something I have never owned in my entire life and now that I have one, I know why that was probably for the best (I’ll explain why later.)

Anyway, I stepped on and nearly fell off after seeing that I weigh a whopping 75.6kg! That’s heavier than I’ve ever been — even during my pregnancy.

I have since swapped all my usual calorie-dense foods with healthy and nutritious foods in an effort to give myself a “mommy makeover”.

I have also looked up some workout videos and equipped myself with all, well most of the things I need to know about weight loss and will be sharing how this goes over the next few weeks with a 5kg weight loss goal in mind!

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