hospital woman

One woman was charged for showing emotion during hospital procedure. Image via Unsplash

‘Wait, what?!’: Netizens in disbelief after hospital charges woman for crying

One woman has stunned the net after revealing that she was charged by a hospital for ‘showing brief emotion’ during a painful procedure.

hospital woman

One woman was charged for showing emotion during hospital procedure. Image via Unsplash

A young woman has gone viral after revealing that a hospital actually charged her for crying during what is definitely considered a painful procedure. Heading online, she shared a copy of her medical bill that left the internet either laughing out loud or arguing how bizarre the entire thing is.

Woman goes viral after revealing bizarre hospital charge

Having a painful procedure done can leave one with a variety of reactions. While many people do their best to stop themselves from screaming or causing a scene, a lot struggle to withhold a couple of tears as they endure the agony that comes with the procedure.

A US citizen named Midge is one of those people who just could not contain her tears while she was getting her mole removed. What she didn’t expect, however, is to get charged for what the hospital she visited referred to as a “brief show of emotion”.

Taking to her Twitter page, Midge shared a copy of her hospital bill and there it was, a charge of $11 (just over R130) for crying during the procedure. She captioned her post:

“Mole removal: $223. Crying: extra”

Netizens can’t deal

The post left many people howling from laughter as they imagined how she must be feeling after getting charged for crying. A lot of people resorted to criticising the healthcare system for trying to capitalise on every little thing. Here are some of their comments about the bizarre hospital charge:

@granola_lesbian said:

“Ohhhhhh this makes me feel a lot of rage emotion right now Face with symbols over mouth.”

@ghobubo said:

“If I’d known there’d be a charge, I would’ve thrown a tantrum! Get my money’s worth!”

@RavenApollo2 said:

“Oh hell, no. If this happened to me, the billing department and/or insurance company would get a lot more emotion out if me, and it’s definitely not going to be brief!”

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