Titan Cypher is a locally deve

Titan Racing

Titan Cypher is a locally developed carbon 29er

You can stage race or ride trails with the new range of Titan Racing Cyphers.

Titan Cypher is a locally deve

Titan Racing

Titan Racing has a new stage racing and trail riding dual-suspension bike, ideally suited to local conditions, called the Cypher.

The Stellenbosch bike brand has introduced two versions of its new Cypher 29er to market, catering for a broad audience of riders.

With this Cypher dual-suspension frameset, Titan Racing is bringing contemporary mountain bike geometry trends and design to local riders.

Thanks to metric shock technology, Titan Racing can offer the Cypher in 100- and 120mm suspension flavours. Both the Cyphers feature carbon-fibre construction.

For those riders who wish to prioritise ultimate efficiency and stage racing success, the standard Cypher tallies 100mm of Rockshox enabled suspension travel front and rear. There is also a remote mounted on the handlebar, which enables the rear suspension lockout function – a feature which is particularly useful on long climbs, to prevent energy sapping suspension bop.

A trail bike option too

Riders given to a more fun mountain biking experience, who enjoy harnessing the descending momentum that steeper trails and flowy singletrack provide, have option on the Cypher RS.

With this version of their new 29er, Titan Racing have used the metric rear shock’s adjustability to lengthen its stoke by 7.5mm. This adjustment increases rear suspension travel to 120mm, which is matched by a longer front fork providing the same amount of stroke.

To balance these increased suspension values the Cypher RS had a wider 780mm handlebar, for improved steering leverage at speed, when negotiating technical terrain. It also rolls larger volume 2.35 width tyres, which offer more secure grip.

Assisting with placing a rider in the most comfortable and confidence inspiring descending position, the RS also features a dropper seatpost.

Available in sizes S, M, L and XL the Cypher frames can accommodate two water bottles (except for the size S). The ability to carry enough hydration is a specifically South African market design challenge, as local riding distances and conditions feature a uniquely punishing heat profile.