Spring allergies

Spring allergies. Image: Pexels

Spring allergies: Tips to deal with pollen in the air

Don’t allow spring allergies to dampen your mood this season. Deal with them using these measures so that you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Spring allergies

Spring allergies. Image: Pexels

It is spring, a new season and new beginning, but unfortunately for some it means they have to deal with their old demons: spring allergies.

According to Medical News Today, in spring, plants release pollen into the air, triggering allergies when inhaled. But that shouldn’t dampen the mood as there are ways to deal with this.

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Below are tips on how to deal with spring allergies:

Stay indoors

Staying indoors might sound like the last thing you want to do in spring. But it might be helpful.

According to Medical News Today, staying indoors on a windy spring day is an ideal thing to do for someone who struggles with spring allergies. This is because wind increases the amount of pollen found in the air.

But the best time to go out and enjoy your time outdoors is after it rains.

Spring allergies
Image: Yan Krukov / Pexels

Mask up to minimise spring allergies

In spring, most people work on their gardens, either to put in new plants or nurture what is already in the garden. For someone that loves working on their gardens but struggles with spring allergies, this might sound like a conflicting situation. But it shouldn’t be conflicting unless you are doing it wrong.

Medical News Today advises people who struggle with spring allergies to mask up when they are working on their gardens to avoid inhaling too much pollen.

Spring allergies
Image: Pixabay

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Avoid pollen on clothes

According to Medical News Today, pollen can stick on clothes, bodies and hair.

To avoid any allergy triggers, it’s important to remove the clothes you wore outside immediately when you get home. Take a shower and wash your hair as regularly as possible.

Check for pollen to avoid spring allergies

For someone who struggles with spring allergies, it is important to always have your caution button on to avoid getting sick. And the easiest way to do so is by checking the pollen levels in your area.

According to Allergy Foundation South Africa (AFSA), this can be done on The Real Pollen Count website. If the pollen is too high, you’re advised to take medication, according to Medical News Today

Spring allergies
Image: Thomas Shokey / Pexels

With all the allergy tips summed up, there is no need to feel miserable anymore. Go out and enjoy your spring. For more information about spring allergies, check with your nearest doctor.