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Self care: How to properly unwind after a stressful day

Even though you are in lockdown, you might be finding your time at home just as stressful as a day’s work at the office.


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Sometimes you ignore your body’s whispers for rest and sometimes you convince yourself that you don’t deserve to take a break. 

We aren’t always able to avoid stress, but we are able to manage it. Giving your heart some time to rest has many benefits like keeping you focused, helping you overcome obstacles that require creativity and making sure you have enough energy for the next day’s tasks. 

Tips on how to make the most out of the little leisure time you have

1. Make your down time part of your schedule

Decide on when you are going to kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. When things get as busy as they normally do, by the end of the day it’s too late and you have to go to bed and sleep to be able to do it all again in the morning. Plan little breaks through the day.

2. Disconnect from whatever keeps you working

Avoid worrying about the next day’s work as if it’s tomorrow already. When you leave your desk, try to keep your thoughts about work to the minimum. If you are trying to unwind, still stressing about what will happen next will ruin the value of the few minutes you have to unwind. 

4. Get rid of the tension in your body

Run yourself a hot bath or shower. Water has a calming effect on the body and by taking a bath, you wash the tension away.

5. Listen to music

Maybe you’ve been listening to music all your life in order to keep yourself sane. Lower your heart rate by listening to soothing sounds that will calm you down. 

6. Try meditating or being mindful

There’s nothing complicated about finding a comfortable chair or lying in a comfortable position, closing your eyes and observing what you experience in and around your body. Use your breath. Taking deep breaths can lower your heart rate and your blood pressure. 

Make life enjoyable and satisfying by using the time you have to unwind and give your brain a break.

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