smashing plates

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Breaking point: Nurses smash through COVID work stress

Yoga and deep breathing have been suggestions to relief healthcare workers’ stress, but at a US hospital the nurses just can’t get enough of smashing plates!

smashing plates

Image via Unsplash

One group of people who have truly felt the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic on their shoulders are frontline healthcare workers. No wonder a hospital in Oregon, in the United States, has introduced an innovative way for their staff to relieve some stress…

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Oregon has seen a massive increase in COVID-19 cases. According to AP News, 19 of the 30 beds in Salem Hospital’s ICU are occupied. 

Lisa, a nurse at Salem Hospital says the second COVID-19 wave has hit Oregon harder and worse than before. She mentioned that she is frustrated and sad to see so many COVID-19 cases. 

Lisa said: “We’ve been dealing with the second wave when we thought — I guess we hoped — it wouldn’t come”. 

Of the patients hospitalised for COVID-19, 15 are on ventilators. 


Lisa shared that the wellness department at Salem Hospital has suggested smashing plates to relieve stress from the long hours and strenuous work at the hospital.

The wellness department has in the past suggested yoga and deep breathing for healthcare workers, but Lisa says she can’t get enough of smashing the plates!

“We put on safety glasses, and we took plates and we shattered them. I kept going back, and they told me I had enough turns.”

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Rage rooms have become popular all over the world. Two entrepreneurs from Mexico have opened a rage room called Break It

They describe Break It as “a space where the destruction of objects culminates in a relaxation experience that helps lower adrenaline”.

If you need to blow off some steam there are rage rooms are available in South Africa, but you won’t just be smashing plates. 

Local rage rooms offer their visitors an opportunity to smash anything and everything. You can smash a range of things including old television sets, mirrors, tables glass bottles and more.