‘Take back your power through


‘Take back your power through fitness’ at Juanita Khumalo’s boot camp in Joburg

Juanita Khumalo’s Trove Wellness fitness boot camp in Joburg will be jam-packed with the latest fitness trends.

‘Take back your power through


Wellness and fitness coach, Juanita Khumalo is inviting women to ‘take their power back through fitness’ with her upcoming Trove Fitness boot camp.

The boot camp

On 23 February 2019, women can jump-start their fitness journey with Juanita at the Innes Free Park in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The morning session will be jam-packed with the latest fitness trends and is the perfect opportunity for women to exercise and socialise at the same time. Apart from the workout, a dietician and biokineticist will be on site to assist with any nutritional guidance and body composition. Participants can also expect healthy treats for sale and an express sneaker wash from The Sneaker Shack.

Mothers will be able to enjoy the day knowing there’s a play area for their kids (which should be booked in advance), a goodie bag to the value of R500 and many more fun surprises.

To book your spot, visit webtickets.co.za over here and don’t forget to take your yoga mat/towel, water bottle, sunscreen and a cap.


More about Juanita Khumalo

Juanita Khumalo is the founder of Trove Wellness, a platform which works as a source of guidance as it relates to living a holistically healthy life.

At the moment, the platform provides written pieces about nutrition, fitness, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as Juanita’s wellness podcasts.

“Trove Wellness was inspired by my personal fitness journey,” Juanita says in an interview with The South African. “I had gained a tremendous amount of weight as a result of mental issues such as depression and anxiety which ultimately resulted in me experiencing a burnout.

Exercise was an outlet I used as therapy and to cope with everyday life until I got to a point where I had to incorporate other elements of wellness in order to fully heal.  

“It was with time and more experience in my fitness journey, that I realized the importance of holistic wellness – not merely physical wellness. There are three facets to wellbeing and each cannot exist without the other. So, it was through this that I was inspired to redefine what I would engage in as ‘holistic wellness’”.

The benefits of joining a boot camp 

  • You get to exercise in a group and social atmosphere which is always fun and interactive.
  • With minimal rest in between each set, you are guaranteed to blast calories which will lead to weight loss.
  • It combines cardio and functional training which is fantastic for weight loss.
  • Mental strength – most participants push themselves beyond what they thought they could physically do, people feel tougher and leave with greater confidence.
  • Accountability and social engagement.

When is Juanita Khumalo’s next boot camp?

There are several boot camps lined up for the year with Juanita.

The next Trove Wellness boot camp is on 13 April 2019. People can get more information about the boot camps on the Trove website www.trovewellness.com and on the Instagram page: @trovewellness.