Home gym, dumbbell

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How to build the ultimate home gym: The equipment you will need

Looking to build a home gym? Confused about the equipment you should get? Here are some of the top tools you will need.

Home gym, dumbbell

Photo: Pexels

A home gym is an investment in your health. You may not have the time, budget or motivation to attend a gym so a home gym can offer you a solution to all the above.

No more costly gym fee’s, no more waiting for the squat rack, you could train barefoot and in your pyjamas with your own music playing in the background. That’s the health and fitness that I can stand behind.

Building your own home gym

Whether you have a dedicated room that you have decided to turn into your health and fitness studio or corner of your lounge that you store your weights having a home gym can help keep you consistent and ultimately healthier.

To help you get started, here is a list of some of the essential peices of equipment for you to invest in.


A kettlebell or a set of kettlebells are a must-have piece of equipment for any home gym owner. They are fairly portable, easy to store and give you great value for money.

A kettlebell, besides offering a range of various full-body core intensive workouts, can also be used as a stand-in for most movements that require a barbell.

It is also a piece of equipment that doubles as a strength-building tool as well as a conditioning piece of equipment.

We’ve looked at the benefits of a kettlebell and kettlebell training in a previous article and highlighted the specific movements you should be adding to your routine.

Skipping rope

The skipping rope is the perfect item for a home gym – easy to store and offers a great cardio workout that can be done in minimal space. 

Skipping raises your heart rate two to three times faster than other exercises and offers the same aerobic building benefits as running with less impact on the joints. 

According to Science Daily, ten minutes of jumping rope can roughly be considered the equivalent of running an eight-minute mile. 

Skipping can also improve coordination and can decrease foot and ankle injuries. 

We recommend investing in a lighter speed rope as well as a heavier rope. 

Skipping rope, home gym equipment
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Yoga mat

Your workout space, specifically the floor, should be comfortable.

A good yoga mat will not only provide a space to cool down on but also a soft surface to perform other movements like burpees, push up and sit-ups on. 

It is also easy to roll up and easy to store. 

Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a weighted ball. The ball can be thrown, slammed or squatted. In fact, it is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can create a lot of variety in your training routine. 

Medicine balls are used to do wall balls, overhead ball slams, you can use them to do front squats as well as carry them when sprinting or doing box step-ups. 

Medicine balls are pretty cumbersome and you would need to experiment with a weight that is challenging yet manageable should you only want to invest in one. 

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that create resistance against your body and target muscles. 

They come in a variety of strength and sizes and the constant and controlled tension they apply to muscles can aid in strength building and stability.


Like the kettlebell, dumbbells are a great alternative to a barbell and are a home gym must have.

You can purchase a pair of adjustable dumbells which will provide you with various weights with one piece of equipment. 

Dumbells are great for building unilateral strength. there are a multitude of exercises you can do with them, from overhead presses to snatches and carries. 

Foam Roller

Not a sexy piece of equipment but most certainly a good investment. 

A foam roller is a home massage therapist. It will benefit your mobility, recovery as well as help you warm-up and cool down. 

They are circular pieces of foam that allow you to do self massage and myofascial release to both muscles and soft tissue. Foam rolling is used to increase blood flow and loosen up tight muscles before activity, or work out tightness and areas of pain or immobility post-workout. 

The more dense the foam, the deeper the massage.

Rings or a Pull Up bar

If you have the space and means, a pull up bar or pair of rings will really take your home gym up a notch.

A pull up bar and rings will help build your upper body strength. They can also be used for other exercises such as l-hangs or leg raises. 

If you are strapped for space, cannot mount a pull up bar on the wall or have nowhere to hang a set of rings, a doorframe pull up bar is a good alternative.

rings, home gm equipment
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Ab roller

This compact device will help get you those wash board abs in no time. Small, portable and effective the ab roller is an unassuming peice of equipment that is a good go to for any ab routine.

And it works your upper body and lower back as your muscles work together to create tension and stabilisation as you perform the movement.