holistic natural flu covid-19 remedies

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Try these holistic remedies to help relieve COVID-19 and flu symptoms

Nature’s Pharmacy: Qualified homeopath Hanli Rautenbach gives advice on how to boost your immune system and relieve nasal and respiratory symptoms.

holistic natural flu covid-19 remedies

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DISCLAIMER: While some natural medicines in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients can help enhance immunity, such measures should not replace social distancing and quarantining when necessary. There is no scientific evidence that any of these alternative remedies can cure COVID-19.

We are all trying to navigate our way through the COVID-19 landscape. Every symptom has become the source of a internal debate. Is this COVID? Should I go and be tested? Do I start the self-isolation process?

Fact of the matter is: This is also flu season and that time of year that we usually get some nasal and respiratory symptoms.

Lessen the trajectory

So, what can you do to try and keep the progression of flu — or even COVID-19 — to a less severe trajectory? Is this even possible?

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Everyone reacts differently to life and its challenges.

Some of us stay calm when arriving at the scene of an accident. We re-direct traffic and can even remember the basic first aid rules we learnt some time in the past. Others, in contrast, faint, vomit, freeze or close their eyes and relive the scene for weeks afterwards.

Our reaction to disease can also be looked at in this way. Why do we react the way we do? You could be dealing with a sub-clinical condition and get the worst flu or another illness you have ever had in your life.

Use your common sense

So this means that you do have some power over how the disease progresses. Common sense is not something to be ignored. As urbanites, we often push through. Just another meeting or deadline, then I will go and lie down. The “burning building” being managed by switching of the fire alarm…

Here is what I propose you could do to boost your immune system.

Start making healthy lifestyle changes today

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Stop signs

It is within most of our budgets to stop (read “reduce” if this would be a too severe step): Stop carbonated cooldrinks. Stop sugar intake. Stop fast food . Stop excessive use of caffeine and alcohol. Stop frequent ingestion of processed meats and refined carbohydrates.

Food for thought

Start preparing meals from scratch or buy healthy meals. Eat lots of vegetables daily, especially leafy greens and cruciferous.

Start exercising. Go slow in the beginning, a 15-minute walk in natural light. Drink lots of liquid, water, rooibos and chamomile tea, ginger and parsley, as well as buchu tea.

And of course — as with all advice — use your common sense.

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All substances have a pharmacological action on the body, even if it is herbal and natural. If you overdo anything, there could be repercussions.

Look up what you are using, speak to your pharmacist, naturopath, homeopath or general practitioner if you are unsure. If you start feeling better something is working, if you start feeling worse it obviously is not.

Pay attention to how you are feeling

Notice changes in your urine colour and output. Observe changes in your bowel movement and quality. If you have a disease condition and it is suddenly not as controlled as before, pay attention.

Start early treatment

If you can keep the virus from proliferating too fast, you give your body a better chance to launch a attack.

If you have the flu or are diagnosed with COVID-19 and told to go home and rest, a multi-layered attack gives you the best chance at success .

Holistic approach to slow viral reproduction

So using herbal, homeopathic, supplements, essential oils, colour and common sense therapy will give you the best chance at slowing the viral reproduction.

Taking into consideration that life was stressful before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and that with careers and children and households to run, we are all doing the best that we can.

Consider the following to fight viral infections:

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Herbal substances: Sutherlandia, Golden Seal, Artemesia and Hawthorn Berry.

Homeopathic remedies: Arnica D6 (to keep your blood thin and relieve of the aches and pains of flu). Be mindful not to use it for too long and to inform your doctor prior to any hospitalisation that you are using it.

You can also look at: Virobac made by Pegasus to retard viral action; Lungen (Natura) and Tussisana (Natura) for respiratory symptoms.

Supplemental support: Vitamin D3, zinc, Vitamin C and cautious use of Vitamin A.  

Coenzyme Q10 thins the blood and provides the heart, liver and kidneys with support to keep fighting infections. Berberine has a blood-thinning, as well as blood sugar supportive action. Fulvic acid (available under a few brand names) is my favourite when you feel the first flu or cold symptoms.

Essential support

Do not underestimate the healing power of essential oils, such as lavender (antibacterial, calming and uplifting), thyme (anti-viral ) and peppermint (digestive support).

The power of colour

Colour therapy involves the use of colour to support the different systems in the body:

  • To support your nervous system, wear or sit in purple light.
  • To support your circulatory system, green and secondary pink is used.
  • To support your respiratory tract, blue is used; and
  • To support your digestive tract, yellow is used.

Common sense therapy

This relates to resting, and again, paying attention to how you are feeling and to getting the necessary help if you start to feel worse.

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