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Make sure to take care of your heart’s health by eating good food. Image via Unsplash

Health is wealth: Three of the best – and worst – foods for your heart

Happy heart, healthy body: Not all foods are equal when it comes to good heart health. Here’s what you should be eating – and avoiding.

health heart food

Make sure to take care of your heart’s health by eating good food. Image via Unsplash

Having a healthy heart is an important part of a balanced lifestyle but unfortunately, not much thought goes into the things we eat that impact the condition of our hearts. While we love eating all of our favourite foods, they aren’t all good for our health and if not carefully watched, can lead to cardiovascular disease.

These are three f the best food you can eat for great heart health and three foods that you should probably avoid.

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A healthy heart: What you should be eating

By now we’ve all heard that eating clean and moving our bodies is the key to a healthy heart, mind and body. While we know that healthy foods contribute to a healthy heart, we aren’t all aware which foods are specifically amazing at keeping our hearts in tip top shape, well wonder no more because here they are:


Adding some fish to your plate will not only make it delicious but offer your heart healthy omega-3s and antioxidants which aid in the fight against heart disease.

Seafood like salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring are all great choices.

Healthy eating can help detox your body and keep your heart in tiptop shape. Image via Adobe Stock

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Besides the fact that these lean mean green machines are extremely low in calories. People who eat steamed broccoli frequently will start to notice lower cholesterol levels which is perfect for keeping a heart healthy.


One thing comes to mind when one hears the word oatmeal, and that is healthy breakfast. Just like fish, oatmeal is packed with omega3s and also high fibre – perfect to make sure you are regular and full of energy.

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Foods that are really bad for your heart health

Unfortunately not all foods are made equal. Some can work wonders for your health while others can leave you overweight, fighting disease and feeling unhappy. Here are a list of the foods that are totally unhealthy for your heart:

Restaurant soup

Soup that is served in restaurants or out of packets are usually loaded with sodium and really bad for you. If you insist on eating it, it would be best for you to prepare it for yourself where you can keep a keen eye on how much salt goes into the preparation.


ThIs one is not such a big surprise. Not only are most pizzas full of sodium, they also have a ton of saturated fats and are comprised of an unbelievable number of calories.

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But just like soup, there are healthier versions that taste just as good. One can start with swapping the dough base with a yummy cauliflower one. For toppings you can take it easy with the cheese and consider throwing some veggies in the mix!

Fizzy drinks

Most fizzy beverages are packed with sugar which is terrible if you’re looking to cut down on the unhealthy foods. Swapping your Fanta with a glass of lemon and cucumber infused water will not only do your heart good but help your jeans fit a lot more comfortably.

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