Healthy braai hacks to make yo

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Healthy braai hacks to make your Heritage Day spicier!

Health hacks! Here’s show you can make your Heritage Day braai sweeter, spicier, and healthier in just a few simple steps.

Healthy braai hacks to make yo

Image via Pexels

Friday 24 September marks Heritage Day on the South African calendar and some of us are ready to light up the traditional braai!. Most of us can look forward to some juicy boerewors or well-spiced lamb chops from the braai.

But why not spice up your braai with some healthier options?

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Choosing meat for the braai is usually a simple task. Grab some boerewors, lamb or beef chops and maybe some chicken drumsticks. Instead of red meat, you can replace the boerewors and chops with a tasty snoek. 

Snoek can usually be placed in the braai in foil or even just skin-side down. The results will have you wondering why you didn’t choose the option in the first place.

Sticky Apricot Butter Braai Snoek
Sticky Apricot Butter Braai Snoek: The South African delicacy you don’t want to miss. Image: Supplied.


Most South Africans would choose a hearty potato salad and chakalaka for their braai sides. You can potentially spice up your braai sides by adding some veggies on a skewer and putting them next to your meat on the braai. 

Or instead of veggies on a skewer, you can opt for a quick side of grilled veggies done in the oven sprinkled with some salt and pepper. Veggies like corn, sweet potato, peppers and asparagus for that perfect crunch will do just the trick. 

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What is a lekker braai without spices? The trick to seasoning your meat is to season it with lots of salt-free spices. Some great salt-free substitutes for your regular spices are paprika, basil, rosemary, vinegar, and cayenne pepper that could potentially give your food a spicier kick. 

More salt-free substitutes are oregano, garlic and mint. 

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Garlic bread or rolls are the perfect way to scoop up the delicious flavour of the meat that is left on the plate. Instead of the regular garlic bread or rolls you can opt for some whole wheat rolls.

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While you wait for your meat on the braai you definitely want something to snack on! Instead of a store-bought dip for your chips you could try a hearty homemade roasted pepper dip, onion dip or even hummus. 

If you are craving more than just these, dark chocolate, popcorn and cheese can also fulfil your cravings.

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