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Five ways to protect your skin from hand sanitiser overload

Fed up with dry skin after too many sprays of hand sanitiser when you went to the mall? Here are five ways to protect your hands.

hand sanitiser hands gel protect COVID-19 clean hands

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Face masks and hand sanitisers have become our new way of life and we have no choice but to adjust to this lifestyle.

For a start, many shopping malls have staff who will check your temperature, to ensure that it is below the recommended 37°C. Next they will spray your hands with hand sanitiser before you may enter the mall.

Often each shop also will have staff who spray your hands again and then, when you leave the centre, there is the chance to sanitise once more.

While this may protect you and those around you from the coronavirus, it also can lead to dry skin. If your skin is sensitive you may experience other adverse reactions.

Here are five ways to protect your hands from a hand sanitiser overload.

1. Don’t use too much hand sanitiser

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stipulates that a coin-sized amount of hand sanitiser is enough. There is no need to apply more than this.

The WHO also advises that you avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose immediately after using hand sanitiser as these actions may cause irritation.

2. Use soap and water instead

The WHO states that washing your hands with soap and water is also effective in the fight against COVID-19. Therefore it’s a good idea to use soap and water instead of hand sanitiser if you get the chance. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, using warm to hot water.

3. Moisturise

Moisturising is the best way to counter the dry skin cause by an overload of hand sanitiser. Hand lotion or cream is the easiest on-the-go fix.

If you are at home you can also apply nourishing oils to help counter the dry skin for a longer time than hand lotion.

4. Vaseline

You could also apply some Vaseline, or other petroleum jelly, to your hands before going out to prevent your skin from drying. The jelly works the same as gentle moisturisers and forms a protective layer.

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5. Gloves

If you have had too much of hand sanitiser overload when going out to get essentials then try using gloves. The shopping mall staff will still need to spray the gloves but at least this option keeps your hands from drying out.

However, you need to ensure you do not touch your face or other areas of your body with the gloves on. Otherwise this would defeat the first purpose of wearing the gloves, which is to avoid getting the virus.

Last but not least, stay stafe!