stomach health

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Your ‘gut feeling’ could be affecting your mood and energy levels

If you’ve been feeling a little low lately, you might want to take a look within…

stomach health

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Increasingly, scientific research has found that your microbiome — the various bacteria that lives in your gut — plays an important role in your mental health.

How it works:

Have you ever felt so nervous that you have butterflies in your stomach? Or been so upset that you can barely eat?

That’s because what happens in your brain, affects your stomach. In a similar way, what happens in your gut might be affecting your brain.

Basically, your gut consists of thousands of different “good” and “bad” bacteria. While these bacteria are usually balanced just right, any slight imbalance in the microbiome may lead to you experiencing some serious mental health consequences.

What the science says:

Science agrees that poor gut health might be a contributing factor to your mood. Recently, a scientific study at the University of Tubingen in Germany researched what the effect of a probiotic treatment would be on healthy volunteers.

The participants who received these probiotics, reported an increase in vitality and less mental fatigue.

A similar study conducted at the University of Graz in Austria, also showed that individuals who received probiotics, stated that they experienced positive moods more frequently than those participants who had not received probiotics throughout this experiment.

Studies like these have been replicated throughout the world; pointing to the fact that because your brain and your gut are intricately linked, what’s happening in your stomach might be affecting the way you feel.

Quick fix:

So if you’re looking at improving how you feel, you might want to consider rethinking what you eat.

Foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut and almonds are filled with good bacteria to maintain your gut balance. Including these nutritious, probiotic foods might be the secret to a better mood, more energy and might even help relieve stress.

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