Former South African President

Former South African President joins DNAFit in celebrating the DNA of sporting innovation

South African led UK company DNAFit today played host to His Excellency Hon. Kgalema Motlanthe, Former President of South Africa, as part of an exclusive visit to recognise how the brand’s innovative and award winning methodology is pioneering the use of genetics in sports science globally.

Former South African President

Founded in 2014 by Johannesburg born lifestyle genetics entrepreneur, Avi Lasarow, DNAFit is playing a leading role in driving the advancement of global sports science through the use of innovative genetics research and analysis.

Central to the Former President’s visit, held at DNAFit’s London head office, was a round table discussion featuring a number of leading stakeholders including British Olympic hero Greg Rutherford and South African rugby union icon Bryan Habana, both part of the DNAFit family.

The discussion spanned a number of topics ranging from South Africa’s current sporting boom at the elite level, to exploring how the likes of companies such as DNAFit can enhance this development.

Recognising the potential for how DNAFit’s award winning innovation can represent South Africa on the world stage, Mr Motlanthe also took the unique DNAFit swab test to start his journey into understanding his own personal genetics.

The event was facilitated by the newly established South African Business Abroad Association, of which DNAFit is a founding member.

The SABA will focus on encouraging global links with pre-eminent South African businesses, and championing their potential in new markets.

The event comes at a time when South African sport is enjoying a strong period of elite level success, with a record haul of six medals won at the recent IAAF World Championships in London.

Avi Lasarow, CEO, DNAFit said, “It was a privilege to welcome His Excellency, the Hon Kgalema Motlanthe to DNAFit, and an honour for him to recognise the research and work that we have conducted since inception, and specifically how our award winning DNAFit test is advancing sports globally.

As a proud South African myself, and an active Honorary Consul for South Africa to the United Kingdom, I am always working to transfer these skills back. Today was an excellent opportunity to reflect on the convergence of both South African sport and the world of genetics and sports science.”

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His Excellency, the Hon. Kgalema Motlanthe, former President of South Africa said, “DNAFit is pioneering the use of genetics to advance both sports science generally, representing the very best of South African innovation on both a continental and global stage. These are exciting times for South African sport and business, and I look forward to observing the continuing impact of DNAFit within this space.”

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