Jennifer Aniston

American actress Jennifer Aniston arrives for Apple’s ‘The Morning Show’ global premiere at Lincoln Center- David Geffen Hall on 28 October 2019 in New York. The star swears by the power of flower essence to calm her nerves before premieres and movie shoots.
Image: Angela Weiss / AFP

Flower essence trend blooms: Aniston and Messi have a nose for it

Flower power: Discover the age-old natural remedy being embraced by celebrities and sport stars.

Jennifer Aniston

American actress Jennifer Aniston arrives for Apple’s ‘The Morning Show’ global premiere at Lincoln Center- David Geffen Hall on 28 October 2019 in New York. The star swears by the power of flower essence to calm her nerves before premieres and movie shoots.
Image: Angela Weiss / AFP

Flower essences are simple but powerful natural remedies that have gained much popularity over the years.

Even celebrities have discovered how useful they can be.

Jennifer Aniston has been reported using the Bach flower remedies to help keep her calm. Other public figures, such as soccer star Lionel Messi, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Hugh Grant and Salma Hayek, have all incorporated these amazing remedies into their lives.

What are flower essences?

The idea behind flower essences is that all plants have a certain vibrational energy, and this energy is then captured and used to subtly affect the human body’s energy field.

This then affects both the emotional and physical aspects of our wellbeing.

The ultimate purpose of flower essences is, therefore, to support body and mind, and bring them back into a state of balance.

flower essences
Flower essences are said to be especially helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety. Image: Adobe Stock

How flower essences are made

When using herbal remedies or essential oils, you are using a physical substance extracted by various means from the plant. Flower essences, however, do not contain any physical materials.

To make a flower essence, the flowers are placed in water and then in the sun for some time. The water absorbs the flowers’ “essence” which, when taken, is absorbed into the body, helping to address many emotional and physical issues.

Flower essences can be used by everyone, including small children and even animals.

The most positive influence when using flower essences is the calmness it seems to bring, which is helpful when it comes to stressful situations.

Rescue Remedy the best-known ‘flower power

The flower essences most of people who are tuned into natural health have heard about are the Bach Flower Remedies. The best-known of these is Rescue Remedy, a combination of five flower essences that can be used in times of considerable stress and anxiety. 

Over the past few months, many people have likely experienced an increase in stress during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. So, this is an ideal remedy to have in the house or even to carry a bottle in your handbag.

flower essences
Nature’s calming power is harnessed in flower essences. Image: Adobe Stock

Some flower remedies to choose from

There are many different flower essences out there, so going to a flower essence practitioner may be your best option to make the right choices. However, if you are just wanting to try out some flower essences, here are a few of the more popular ones.

  • Hornbeam Flower Essence: Helps with a lack of motivation and dealing with everyday tasks. Helps you face the day ahead with more energy and resolve.
  • Impatiens: Slows things down, helping you cope with impatience and irritation.
  • Chicory: Helps the emotionally needy to respect others.
  • Aspen: Instils confidence in an unknown future, helping with feelings of apprehension and anxiety.
  • White chestnut: Targets worry and restlessness, and aims for a more tranquil mood.
  • Mustard: For those who tend to get depression or despair, it focuses on gaining emotional stability.
  • Crab Apple: For those needing to release toxicity, it provides restoration and cleansing.
  • Cherry Plum: Use in the case of an emotional collapse to help create balance despite circumstances.
  • Elm: Helps when feeling overwhelmed, creating confidence and an ability to complete tasks successfully.
  • Gentian: For feelings of discouragement.
  • Olive: For when you feel burnt out physically and emotionally; helps with exhaustion and general tiredness.

Mood-lifting flower essences

Some users have found flower essences helpful when it comes to dealing with depression, anxiety and loneliness. Here a combination of essences can made a positive difference.

Some suggested combinations: 

  • For depression: Cherry Plum, Elm and Mustard.
  • Anxiety: Rescue Remedy or essences like White Chestnut, Borage or Garlic.
  • Dealing with loneliness: Heather, Water Violet, Gorse and Rock Water.

You can buy the readymade combination remedies or you can make your own by combining individual flower essences to create a custom blend. You will need:

  • 30ml clean bottle
  • Spring water
  • Flower essences of your choice
  • Brandy or apple cider vinegar as a preservative

Fill the bottle with spring water until it is not quite full, then add two drops of each flower essence. Include a teaspoon of brandy or vinegar.

To use, take four drops a few times during the day or when needed. 

Different ways to get your flower fix

Most flower essences come in a tincture form with a dropper. You can then either place a few drops under the tongue or put it in some water to drink. Some Bach flower remedies also come in pastille form which you can then suck or chew on.

You can use flower essences in different ways:

  • Just like essential oils, you can add them to your beauty products;
  • Place several drops into the bath; or
  • Make up a spray for around the house.

Where to buy

You can buy flower essences from a variety of online stores like Faithful to Nature, Feelgood Health and Takealot. Otherwise, your local pharmacy should have flower essence products available as well.

Disclaimer: Many around the world have benefited from using flower essences to aid emotional healing. However, it should neverreplace medical care when it is necessary.  If you are pregnant or have a health condition, and are uncertain about using flower essences, seek the advice of your medical practitioner.