Eating one egg a day can help you keep up those much needed Vitamin D levels this winter. Image: Pexels/ Alesia Kozik.

Egg-tastic superfood! An egg a day will help keep flu away

An egg a day will keep the doctor away. Yes, its true. New research shows that it contains enough Vitamin D to keep you healthy.


Eating one egg a day can help you keep up those much needed Vitamin D levels this winter. Image: Pexels/ Alesia Kozik.

The chill has set in, and with that, the unquestionable desire to stay healthy But what if we told you an egg a day can keep you warm and help fight colds and flu? We’re so in!

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New research shows that eggs can help us maintain levels of an important vitamin often lacking in winter – vitamin D. The study was done by Melbourne’s Deakin University and shows that eating one egg per day can help maintain the body’s vitamin D levels throughout winter.

According to Deakin University researcher Professor Robin Daly, the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight exposure, with few foods naturally containing vitamin D. Eggs, however, are one of the few dietary sources of this vitamin.

Daly explains that “having sufficient vitamin D levels may help reduce the severity of respiratory infections,” an important benefit in winter.

If you think vitamin D deficiency is not something to worry about in sunny Africa, think again. As many as two in 10 Africans may be deficient.

Only one egg per day will help you from getting sick this winter. Image: Pexels/ Daniel Reche.

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Aside from vitamin D, eggs contain vitamin B12 (one large egg contains almost 44% of our B12 needs), protein, selenium, the B-vitamin riboflavin, iron, and heart-healthy fats (monounsaturated fats). They also contain choline, a vital nutrient needed during pregnancy, and the vitamins and minerals needed to help young children grow. Plus, eggs are one of the most affordable protein sources in the world.

So, what’s one of the best ways to get all this goodness into our winter-weary bodies? With hearty, egg-based meals, of course!

Eggs are so versatile there’s virtually no end to their uses in warm dishes suitable for the whole family. According to the South African Poultry Association, tray bakes with baked eggs and noodle bowls with poached eggs are all delicious options. You can even try spicy seshebo with roast butternut, poached egg, and soft tacos – a tasty brunch or dinner meal that’s great for those cold days.

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