alcohol drunk coronavirus ramaphosa

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

Coronavirus: Ramaphosa warns citizens against getting ‘excessively drunk’

Too far, coronavirus. Too far. The president has implored South Africans to take it steady when they drink alcohol for the foreseeable future.

alcohol drunk coronavirus ramaphosa

Photo: Pixabay / Pexels

You can take our flights away. You can ban our social gatherings and limit our nightlife. Hell, you can even shutdown the sporting calendar as long as it keeps everyone safe. But this latest warning about alcohol consumption from President Ramaphosa may just highlight the most evil facet of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus panic addressed by Ramaphosa

The head of state addressed a media briefing from Parliament on Wednesday, as all 14 parties united and discussed the best way to handle a looming financial crisis. COVID-19 is crippling markets at home and abroad, and the usually partisan nature of politics in South Africa has been put to one side. Because, quite clearly, we all have bigger problems now.

Ramaphosa’s speech reminded people to keep practising their social distancing, and asked that shoppers refrained from stockpiling goods. There have been scenes of abject panic and selfishness across several stores in Mzansi, as panic-buyers cleared the shelves on Monday while the rest of us were busy working.

South Africans told to cut-out “excessive drinking and too much alcohol” due to coronavirus

However, the president just asked us all to avoid “excessive alcohol use”. Sorry, we need a minute to ourselves here. And it’s not like we can even go and stock up on the ale, either…

“Personal responsibility also means that we should avoid behaviour – such as unnecessary physical contact or excessive alcohol use – that increases the chances of infection. Our country finds itself in an extreme situation that requires extraordinary measures.”

“Furthermore, personal responsibility also means all citizens must refrain from making excessive purchases. It is important to understand that the supply of goods remains continuous, supply chains remain intact, and there is no need for stockpiling of any items.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa isn’t a party-pooper, though

Thankfully, this isn’t a case of Cyril going mad with power. There is a strong, scientific basis which suggests binge-drinking alcohol could make you more vulnerable to coronavirus. Think about how rough you feel after a skinful – that condition can be exacerbated by the impact of a pandemic, as medical advisor Dr Aragona Giuseppe explains:

“Drinking heavily can cause damage to immune cells in the lungs and upper respiratory system, which in turn increase the risk of developing diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia and respiratory distress syndrome, not to mention making you more susceptible to the coronavirus [which attacks the lungs].”

Dr Aragona Giuseppe