yoga online youtube

YouTube is a handy resource if you want to improve your yoga practice at home. Image: Adobe Stock

The best YouTube channels for yoga at home

Take your yoga practice to the next level with a little online help.

yoga online youtube

YouTube is a handy resource if you want to improve your yoga practice at home. Image: Adobe Stock

An unwillingness to leave home amidst the coronavirus pandemic does not have to prevent you from finally learning the art of yoga or maintaining a consistent yoga practice. 

Though ancient in its origins, yoga has been misunderstood by some as “just a breathing technique”, confused with meditation or associated with Insta-worthy but thoroughly unrealistic snaps of contorted bodies in gravity-defying poses.

Yoga is conducted as a “flow” series of movements, with the styles, sequence and pace of those movements varying according to the type of yoga being practised.

Yoga is about much more than executing pretty postures – the ancient Indian practice can be physically very demanding, depending on the kind of yoga  chosen, and the mental practice is as important as the physical.

Whether you wish to return to a state of zen after all the COVID stress, maintain your practice or simply explore an alternate workout routine, yoga could be a good fit for you.

But, if you are nervous or skeptical about heading off to your local yoga studio or gym at the moment, there are some excellent YouTube channels for fullfilling sessions at home.


With almost nine million subscribers, Yoga with Adrienne is the most popular yoga channel of all time –so much so that, if you are a seasoned practitioner, you’ve probably used her videos more than once already.

Adrienne is known for her cheerful demeanour and quirky remarks, and her tagline — “find what feels  good” — encourages viewers to approach yoga in a comfortable, accessible way.

With various 30-day programmes and other videos, Adrienne’s channel is ideal if you’re trying to gently edge yourself towards finding a consistent practice.

Whether you’re learning the ropes or are an advanced practitioner, you’ll find the channel a good “companion” rather than a tutorial, with Adrienne becoming almost like a friend.  


The Bre and Flo yoga channel is spear-headed by a couple who identify themselves as Breathe  and Flow. These quit their tech jobs in a quest to travel and teach yoga around the world.

If you’re looking to reel your partner into yo your practice sessions or already do yoga as a pair, it may be encouraging to watch  these two practise yoga together — though they have individual yoga videos too. 

Besides an array of other videos on the channel, they have a free seven-day beginner yoga programme (Embark); a 28-day follow-up programme for the more committed  (Ignite); and a seven-day programme for advanced practitioners (Pulse).

Their programme practices often end with breathing techniques and a calming guided meditation,  perfect to ease restless minds.  


Boho Beautiful, though run by both Mark and Juliana Spicoluk, contains videos  instructed primarily by Juliana, whose magical and graceful yoga flows are enough  to convince anyone to give yoga a go.

The travelling pair have shot yoga tutorials and practices all over the world.

Thanks to their stunning videography you get to do your daily yoga with an exotic beach or isolated jungle as backdrop. 

Classes cover various styles of yoga, and they conveniently categorise their videos into playlists according to length of time. Even if you’re frantically busy you can still fit in a 5 to 15-minute session while the longer videos are under 45 minutes.