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Beauty and make tips to go from gym to work in a jiffy

Going from the gym straight to work or vice versa? Here are some tips to help you create a basic beauty and makeup routine.

make up bag

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Creating a basic beauty and makeup regime can seem a little daunting at first with all the options we have available to us. What makeup is essential? What is a foundation and do you use it with concealer? Regular blush or cream based? 

If a day to day makeup routine doesn’t leave you wondering which products to use and when, the added stress of having to apply that sharp pencil to your eye and avoiding lipstick stains on your teeth whilst recovering from the treadmill sprints, may leave you pouting.

That’s right ladies, I am talking about the pre and post gym beauty and makeup routine. There are other factors to consider here other than which  products to use, such as:

  • When do you work out? 
  • How much time do you have?

If you work out first thing in the morning you may be wondering how to transform your face from sweaty and blotchy to dewy, fresh and youthful. All in time to beat Derick from accounts getting in first and taking up all the space in the office fridge with its pre-packed tuna and rice.

If you work out at the end of the day you may need to avoid bleeding mascara and arriving at home looking like a racoon. 

Ideally, you should work out sans makeup, because when you sweat your pores open and makeup can create a barrier inhibiting the sweat from detoxing your skin. The result? Unwanted pimples.

For our afternoon post-work exercising gals, we know this isn’t always possible, hence this article, so today we will be looking at some beauty hacks that cover both scenarios. 

I work out before work

You don’t want to float into the office looking like a Picasso painting nor do you want to scurry in late sporting that perfect “wing”, so you need a quick routine to last the entire day.

Wipe it down

Facial Cleansing Wipes are a quick go-to product that can cleanse and in some cases, moisturise your skin. Keep a packet in your gym bag as a backup plan should you have forgotten your face wash at home. Nothing can dry out skin quicker than generic soap found in the gym showers. 

Rosy glow not angry red

If you are one of those lucky ladies that sport a lively twinkle in their eye and cute flushed cheeks post gym session, congratulations. For those of us who walk out of the gym with the classic “face on fire” flush, the trick is to first splash your face with cold water to restrict the blood vessels. 

Follow that up with a moisturising spritzer. Pick something that contains a calming ingredient and is alcohol-free. Depending on your skin type and product, this can also double up as a moisturiser. 

Brush it aside 

Find products that are easy to use, offer high impact and require minimal tools. So aim for products that can easily be applied using your fingers. 

You don’t want to be carting around brushes and eyelash curlers in your gym bag. 

makeup brushes
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Cover up

But keep it light! Instead of heavy foundation and concealer, go for a tinted BB Cream. You can use it for light coverage, colour control, skin-boosting benefits and as a primer for your eye shadow. 

Stick to neutral colour shades.

Two for one

A lip and cheek stain is a great product that serves two functions. Remember doubling up allows you to bring half the products and helps you get ready in half the time. 

After work

If you are working out in the evening, chances are you already have makeup on and have hopefully taken into account the evening’s sweaty activities. If not, here are some tips that may keep you from spending your session blinking away rivers of foundation from running into your eyes.

A little coverage

Again, avoid heavy foundation. If you are going to wear it during the day prior to working out, wipe it off with makeup wipes.

If you must have some coverage, keep it light and breathable. Think powder based rather than  oil based, as this can further clog up pores as well as cause smudging. 

You may also consider a product that won’t sting your eyes if it runs into them.

Water resistant

Just before your session, you could use a finishing spray to help keep your makeup in place and minimise smudging. 

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Tie your hair back into a tight bun or braid it into a plait to prevent frizz.

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It is a good idea to invest in some “non-creasing” hair ties. The conventional hair elastics can leave an annoying indent in your locks so go for the spiral or ribbon type.

A headband, although a throwback to the ’80s and Jane Fonda, will also absorb sweat and keep your fringe from sticking to your forehead. 

Dry shampoo should be a staple in any gym bag. According to, you should apply dry shampoo pre-workout as it will absorb moisture the minute start to sweat and will continue to do so throughout your workout thus keeping it drier and more manageable.

Once you have done your workout apply the shampoo to the areas that need a little more love, such as your temples.

And if you are really pressed for time, you can always resort to a trusty hat. Athleisure is a style. 

And there you have it, ladies, from ferociously fit to career chic and vice versa in less than 60 minutes.