Five tips to adding a healthy

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Five tips to adding a healthy dose of wellness into your week

Needing a few reminders for easy ways to stay well and create good, healthy habits this winter? These top tips are for you!

Five tips to adding a healthy

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If ever there’s a good time to prioritise yourself and your health, it’s now and this has been one of the few positives of lockdown. More time for you, exercise and ALL the time for thinking about your next meal and balanced diet.

Here are a few simple ways to add an extra injection of healthy habits into your week:

Spruce up your hydration station

Getting your daily intake of water is hard enough in our summer months but come winter, it is even trickier to hit those daily targets. Spruce up your water by adding ginger, lemon and a squeeze of honey. Serve hot or cold, as a great adjustment and for an added flavour punch.

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Create rituals within your daily routine

With colder starts and shorter days, it’s harder than ever to get out of bed earlier and exercise to stay fit and healthy. One of the easier ways to combat this ‘chore’ is to stop seeing it like that.

Creating rituals out of your everyday routine is a sure way to make making dinner, exercising, getting into bed early, bathing and reading all things you look forward to instead of forgotten acts.

Combine your exercise routine with the chance to listen to a new album, your bathtime call with your favourite read and a lit candle combo.. the list goes on.

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Healthy treats need prioritising

Let’s face it: We all have cravings and scour the sweet drawer for something naughty on occasion. Make the need for a sweets cupboard redundant by having healthy treats on hand.

Swap slabs of chocolate for coconut clusters, homemade healthier chocolate and anything that curbs your sweet tooth with less associated guilt. Having healthy treats on hand saves the need for naughty late-night binges.

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Meal prep is everything

It all comes down to meal prep. Ask any athlete or person who’s successfully lost weight or changed their diet for the better, the more time you place on making sure your dishes are prepped and ready to go means less last-minute binges.

We all know the feeling, eating less and trying to be healthier, only to get caught in a meeting and miss a mealtime. Arriving home to an empty fridge often leads to making bad choices that are centered around instant gratification and quick energy spikes.

Prepping the next days’ meals when you cook your dinner each evening is a sure way to help you stay on track, eating healthily and regularly, as advised for your diet needs.

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Evening meditation is a must 

If you’re looking to meditate daily, first thing in the morning is probably best as a way to create a healthy, sustainable habit. Mindfulness meditation, is something you can do pre-bedtime too.

This is when you just pay attention to your body and cut yourself free from the rest of the world. This may lead to becoming a lot more aware of the surrounding environment…that flickering candle, the sound of your breath, or even the smell of your room. This is going to allow you to experience a calm that you’ve never experienced before.

It goes without saying that meditation has proven to have many physical and mental health advantages. It’s also capable of enhancing your concentration, reducing stress, managing pain, lowering your overall blood pressure and amongst other things, can also improve your sleep. So what are you waiting for? Dim the lights and get quiet!

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